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Jan 4, 2016
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Bill Nye
Hi everyone,
I'm looking to start using go pro's and such to record my progress, as well as maybe share for others. I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct spot but I'd love to know:

What camera(s) do you use?
What are the best settings for such camera?
What type of jacks do you use for ATC/Cockpit communications?
What are some tips or tricks you've found?

I love watching channels like MzeroA and flight chops and just wanted to get a general consensus of what everyone's favorite camera/method is.

Also, if you have any other good youtube learning channels, please share!

I've used the old Hero2's mounted on a roll bar mount on the step of my plane. I just run it in the high def TV mode (I think it's setting 4 if I recall). I've also done some experiments with time lapse mode. I've not attempted to jack in ATC. One cute hack I learned long ago for recording ATC is to get a small microphone and just stick it in the earcup of your headset.
Hero 4 black w/nflightcam audio cable. Use the spot meter when shooting shots in the cockpit.
I use two SJ4000 cameras. I also use a Sony audio recorder and y splitter for ATC and intercom. And Sync them using premier.
I have an SJ4000 that is OK but not that great in terms of color, and a Dazzne that does a much better job. Neither does external audio input and I use a simple Y-adapter to the headset plug and a SONY digital recorder.

For other learning channels, you best bet is to search for a topic that interests you. You can learn an awful lot from videos that are not specifically educational. My prime example of this is Guido Warnecke's videos. Typically flying a bozjet he also has flights in pistons, such as his recent multi-leg Mooney ferry from Germany to the US. Even if not what you fly, the smoothness of his operations, the relaxed but professional way he approaches each phase of flight, and especially his consistent, professional, and I'd say even graceful use of checklists is something all pilots can emulate.
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