1. TuomoMooneyFlying

    VLOG - AOPA Poker Run 2022

    Have you flown it and what’s your “hand”? Had an awesome time collecting cards, made a few videos of it. Part 1 is out if you want to check it out.
  2. I threw it on the ground

    YouTube channel

    I’ve started a YouTube channel for some of the things we see in our GA shop. It’s not like a “how to”, mainly we just show things we find that are bad, and talk about how we may fix it. It’s been challenging compiling all the clips, because everyone is airdropping me things. Just curious...
  3. Ray Jr

    Looking for your info on your airplane ownership experience

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone would like to share any or all of the details listed below related to their airplane ownership experience. I'm working on a new YouTube channel that focuses on the cost of owning specific aircraft. Something I found sadly lacking online while doing my own...
  4. wayneda40

    Destination Tip: A Long Weekend in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico

    Looking for a weekend adventure? Álamos, south of the border, just might be a great fit. This small foothill village is one of a few dozen Pueblos Mágicos and known throughout Mexico for its authentic charm. And for those departing small GA from the US Southwest, you're landing Álamos after...
  5. dembro

    Pilot Annie and Wolficorn on SuperAero LIVE

    Whoa - so I've had two really rad guests on the show in the last two weeks - if you're looking for some hangar flying to fill your day - here are two recent episodes to give a watch/listen. Pilot Annie talks about what it's like to try to get your CFI during COVID (and tailwheel flying...
  6. Martin Pauly

    My camera setup for flying videos

    People often ask me what my camera setup is for my flying videos, so I've made this video to show how I use a combination of GoPro cameras, a camcorder, an audio recorder for the intercom, and other devices to capture everything going on during a flight. For anyone going to Sun 'n Fun, I'll...
  7. forseth11

    Flight Video from Oshkosh to Fort Worth

    So last week I got back from an 8 day trip as Oshkosh. While I was there I got two GoPros, so I recorded my return trip. Here is the video I made: I plan on making more, and as soon as I get to take my CFI checkride, I want to make instruction videos and make videos talking about aviation to...
  8. skyking3286

    YouTube Oshkosh videos taken down of Sunday FISK jam

    I noticed that the YouTube videos individuals have posted that had audio from ATCLive, Flight Tracking and EAA video have all been taken down and removed by user. There was a comment that the videos weren't money making, but I'm guessing that the intellectual property of someone was compromised...
  9. S

    Hey Guys I Need Help

    Hello, I have just recently opened up a new youtube channel Aviation related. I need your help letting me know the good, the bad, and the worst about the channel. I'm truly sorry if you feel this is spam, I just wish to put out quality...
  10. S

    Flying from FL to NY

  11. B

    Gopros, Audio and YouTube channels...

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to start using go pro's and such to record my progress, as well as maybe share for others. I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct spot but I'd love to know: What camera(s) do you use? What are the best settings for such camera? What type of jacks do you use for...
  12. Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe

    Airplane Porn