Pilot Annie and Wolficorn on SuperAero LIVE

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    Whoa - so I've had two really rad guests on the show in the last two weeks - if you're looking for some hangar flying to fill your day - here are two recent episodes to give a watch/listen.

    Pilot Annie talks about what it's like to try to get your CFI during COVID (and tailwheel flying, Pipistrels, Remote Bush Flying, etc):

    Wolficorn talks Grummans, Kobe Bryant, Covid grounded airliners, and Katy Perry:

    I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy making them.
    I'm excited to say @FlyingMonkey has agreed to be on a future episode this month (so get your questions in now!). I'm also working some angles with some current military pilots - more to come on that soon I hope!