learning to fly

  1. Jakey

    Motivator for those how are thinking about getting into Flying

    Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” It's true...
  2. Leigh@loosecannon.com.au

    EXTRA 300 comes back to life!

    So I don't mind admitting I'm a aerobatic wanna be nerd but when a cool opportunity presented itself for some 'Extra' action - I couldn't say no. I hope you like what I've been up to.
  3. T

    Instruction Visual Aids/Supplements

    Hey everyone, first post here. I'm training for CFI and am fascinated by how different people learn. I thought it could be a neat thread if people posted some of the best 'visual aids' that have helped you understand a particular aspect of flying. For example, a link to a YouTube video or image...
  4. dembro

    Pilot Annie and Wolficorn on SuperAero LIVE

    Whoa - so I've had two really rad guests on the show in the last two weeks - if you're looking for some hangar flying to fill your day - here are two recent episodes to give a watch/listen. Pilot Annie talks about what it's like to try to get your CFI during COVID (and tailwheel flying...
  5. write-stuff

    Choosing a Flight Instructor

    If you know someone considering flight training, here's an article that will likely be very helpful to them. Please pass it along: https://groundschool.com/articles/choosing-your-flight-instructor