1. David Loftus

    Grand Canyon Flight with 7 cameras

    A few recent posts about the Grand Canyon so I'll share my latest flight from May 2023 to Vegas via KGCN in my DA40. Video from every angle, including 5 Gopro and other action cameras, one a Gopro Max 360-degree cam mounted on the tail, my Sony Superzoom RX10 mirrorless, and iPhone...
  2. David Loftus

    Grand Canyon Video with 7 Cameras in a DA40

    A few threads recently on the Grand Canyon, thought I'd share my latest pass:
  3. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Treating the flying itch (how I got into aviation)

    What’s the best treatment for the flying itch? Going flying of course! In this video I go over how I got into aviation. And if you came from a non-aviating family, leave a comment in the video on what inspired you to become a pilot?
  4. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Is a plane faster than a car over 126 miles?

    I recently decided to test, which one is faster. Dropped a video of the trip on YT. This was a flight through busy Atlanta class bravo. Let me know in the video comments if you like the “24” style format. Had a lot of fun flying and creating the video.
  5. flyerfocus

    Mounting a Canon DSLR Instead of a GoPro in C172?

    I'm interested in mounting a camera from the interior ceiling of a Cessna 172 and recording video while flying. I was looking at getting a GoPro but it occurred to me I already have a Canon 5D MK IV DSLR which is capable of shooting 4K video. Has anyone managed to mount a Canon DSLR to a GoPro...
  6. FlyingMonkey

    A Pilot License will change you life

    I posted this in some FB groups but thought y'all would enjoy as well. It sums up how I feel about this awesome hobby (and for some profession) that we all enjoy. It took me a long time to get my Pilot Certificate but it was well worth it! I put together a giveaway that includes some discovery...
  7. Jake Simpson

    GoPro mounts?

    Hey guys, What are the best and most secure mounts for a gopro for the exterior of an airplane? I plan on putting a gopro on the outside wingtip of my arrow as well as possibly on the bottom of the tail for some future videos. Anyone here have used any mounts on this aircraft type and have...
  8. Martin Pauly

    Making sense of the terminology: PBN, RNP, RNAV, AR, ...

    It's a confusing world - Bruce Williams does a good job of untangling this mess in this video.
  9. FlyingMonkey

    Supplemental Oxygen changed our flying...

    I didn't realize how supplemental oxygen use could transform our flying until we tried it....and not just at the legally required altitudes. Hope you find this video useful! (Mountain High O2D2 system review included)
  10. rhkennerly

    Camera stuff

    This could be a forum all it’s own. Particularly as a repository for collected wisdom on this topic. Still, I would be interested in hearing about (& seeing) folk’s camera set up, settings, filters & lenses, airframe & cockpit mounts, accessories. How many cameras & where. I find it...
  11. rwellner98

    Every gauge explained

    Limited adventures this year, so trying a different format. Not sure if it really works or not...
  12. FlyingMonkey

    Useful Rules of Thumb

    I love the science and math aspect of aviation and am a big fan of rules of thumb (that involve some easy math). I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones in video form. Hope you find this useful. Would love to discuss any other useful ones and learn more!
  13. Arnold

    Double clutching the downshift.

    I find this video fascinating for many reasons. But if you go to 3:35 and watch carefully you'll see a Boss Woman double clutching the downshift. I've been to Gobychettipolyam and saw many of the scenes you see here. The most striking to me, besides the downshift, is the brief shot of the...
  14. dembro

    Pilot Annie and Wolficorn on SuperAero LIVE

    Whoa - so I've had two really rad guests on the show in the last two weeks - if you're looking for some hangar flying to fill your day - here are two recent episodes to give a watch/listen. Pilot Annie talks about what it's like to try to get your CFI during COVID (and tailwheel flying...
  15. Erik Johnston

    Aviation Vidtographer Erik Johnston

    I've been an aviation photographer/videographer for several years. I'd like to share some of my work with all of you to enjoy.
  16. A

    Smartphone Roof Slide Mount

    I have been searching a lot for a specific mount for my Keyone for cockpit recording, I have found this cable for audio, but I need a mount for the phone that is compatible with the GoPro slide mount base, the reason is because the...
  17. Martin Pauly

    Sun 'n Fun 2019 Video (360 degrees)

    I played some more with my new 360 degrees camera at Sun 'n Fun. Here is what I came up with: Use your cursor (or finger on a touchscreen device) to move around. There's something to see in every direction, most of the time. - Martin
  18. Martin Pauly

    My camera setup for flying videos

    People often ask me what my camera setup is for my flying videos, so I've made this video to show how I use a combination of GoPro cameras, a camcorder, an audio recorder for the intercom, and other devices to capture everything going on during a flight. For anyone going to Sun 'n Fun, I'll...
  19. Martin Pauly

    ADS-B Q&A video

    Seeing many questions on ADS-B here on PofA and on other forums, I thought I'd collect some of the frequently asked questions and create a little video with answers. Hopefully it'll be helpful to some: Regards, Martin
  20. jkoper

    Video of a flight in my Vagabond

    Here is a video of a short cross country flight in my 1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond from Athens TN KMMI to Crossville TN KCSV and back.