GoPro Mount for Airplanes


Apr 23, 2015
Bucks County, PA
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Unlike other GoPro aircraft video mounts, MyPilotPro is not just made for a specific aircraft. MyPilotPro can be attached to virtually any General Aviation or Light Sport aircraft that have tie downs, which means that it can be utilized by all private pilots. As long as your aircraft has a tie down, you can attach MyPilotPro!


2 models to choose from ($49.95/$69.95) & FREE SHIPPING for Pilots of America members. Use code NEWTOWN when checking out at

Visit us at to learn more and to see it in action!

No modifications to your aircraft are needed to attach MyPilotPro. This is made possible by the unique configuration of a cam lever coupled with stainless steel and aluminum hardware. When your flight is done, you simply release the cam lever and loosen the knurled nut to detach MyPilotPro. The process of attaching or detaching MyPilotPro takes less than 30 seconds and is secure, simple, and no tools are required!

Technical Details:

Mount is made of aircraft aluminum

All stainless steel & aluminum hardware

Neoprene washers

Length 1.625”

Height 5.875”

Width 1.5”

Weight 7.4 oz (including all hardware)

Camera and camera case not included

Re: the tailhook mount:

Land flat!

It looks like it would be easy to rotate the mount forward and bring the camera much closer to the belly of the plane. But yeah in the picture it looks like a nice full stall landing you could lose a camera.