Tesla Model 3 - Finally.

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    I started watching several Tesla-oriented YouTube channels three or four years ago. The single, central display was one of my concerns. When the opportunity presented, I went for my first test drive (M3P) primarily to see what it felt like to drive with that display instead of a conventional instrument cluster. It didn't take long to figure out it was a non-issue for me.

    I like Tesla's minimalist design. It is different from conventional designs and that feels right to me. Other EV brands are building more conventional designs and interiors and those will be preferred by many buyers. They include a number of very good options for EV buyers who don't want a Tesla. No one design is going to be right for everyone.

    Any car still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit is built by a manufacturer who hasn't yet delivered 200,000 EVs. Tesla past that mark several years ago, and is not delivering over 300,000 per quarter, yet still has demand which exceeds it's ability to supply. The other manufacturers will run past that mark soon. Anyone interested in those cars should consider ordering sooner rather than later so they don't miss out of that substantial credit.

    FWIW, when Tesla's credit ran out, they lowered the price of the cars a bit, though not by the full amount of the lost credit.

    The only credit I was able to receive was a 30% credit on the cost of installing my "EV charging station" in the garage. That didn't affect my purchasing decisions at all but I still took the credit. I think the need for these EV credits is quickly coming to an end. EV car production is lagging well behind demand for all makes and models. People aren't lining up for months to buy an EV because they want the credit.

    Lots of very good reviews coming out on the two EV pickup trucks that have started deliveries; the Ford F150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. They look like great options for those who need or prefer trucks. Fast Lane Car and Out of Spec Motoring channels are posting videos of their F150 and R1T now. FLC had a recent towing test (up and down the Front Range) of the F150 that was pretty interesting. Long lines to get either of those trucks right now. Hopefully, they'll be able to ramp up production soon.

    Bit of a heat wave here in Tennessee (and elsewhere) right now. When I arrived home from work yesterday the app said the interior of the car was 142° with an outside temp of 103°. I started the AC on the app as soon as I landed which had the car comfortable by the time I arrived. Newer ICE cars have that feature too, but they have to run the engine to run the AC. There's also a defrost mode for winter. Haven't gotten to try that out with real ice on the car yet.

    With the heat wave, I found an easier way to get the AC fan to Hi than through the touch screen. The voice commands of "Set fan to 10" then, later, "Set fan to auto" work great. Don't know why I didn't figure that out sooner. (Fan settings are 1 through 10)
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    had to share this - the display from my 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid after a short trip...


    yeah, I know... I don't see it that high normally.
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    My Volt used to average around 190 MPG. Probably 75 % of my driving was electric though.
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    So, it turns out I was right. I didn't have full self driving yet. I was "in the queue" for it, but it just enabled for me this week. It's significantly more capable, and from one short drive it does seem to address some of my complaints about "auto steer". However, there were still a few times on a short ride that I had to wrestle control from it. Two of them were understandable, in a construction area with a lot of confusing crap going on. The third was a regular right turn at a stoplight where it mis-judged where the lanes would be after the turn and swung me into the oncoming lane - then swerved violently when it detected where the actual lane was. Honestly, my biggest complaint is when it does rapid adjustments. If it decides it needs to take evasive action, there is no buffer there at all, it just instantly racks the wheel to the stops. That would be good to avoid an accident, but in some scenarios (this is before I got FSW, it may be better now) like a car crossing the road in front of you, it would slam on the brakes, or swerve the wheel after the car had already gone past and was no longer an issue. It makes you look like a drunk driver.

    I'll report further after driving with FSD a bit more.