1. B

    Oshkosh Info for a Newbie

    Tribe. Maybe someone can direct me to a good website or a prior thread on the forum. I'm considering flying to Oshkosh for the first time this year. Time is tight and I'm 1200nm away. And I can't fly in early. My question is this...what are the odds that I can fly in mid-week at the show...
  2. M

    Free weekly pass for Oshkosh

    I've got a weekly vendor pass to trade for about two hours of work. We'd like some help on Sunday the 31st to break down the booth and load the van.
  3. M


    We're exhibiting at Oshkosh, and would like help unloading the van Sunday, 7/24, and reloading the van after the show Sunday, 7/31. Looking for 2-4 gents to trade a few hours labor for weekly vendor passes. I've also got one spare parking pass too.
  4. benhar77

    Camp Scholler Tips

    This will be my family's first time camping at AirVenture (and first time camping in a long time). I've rented a trailer, and we'll be coming in Thursday-Sunday. I understand available spots might be in the boonies of Camp Scholler, by that time, but I'm wondering what other Camp Scholler tips...
  5. easik

    MyPlane Showcase 2020. Oshkosh Alternative

    Guys and Girls, Oshkosh is not happening this year so I'm gonna bring it to you. Well I'll try. We are going to showcase a new plane or airplane component everyday for the month of July. I'm creating this thread to post those videos and images as we would have from Airventures. Enjoy! and feel...
  6. mr_happyland

    Flying from California to Oshkosh in a Grumman Tiger / part 4: Going Home (video)

    This is the last one...I promise!! Here's part 4 of the series:
  7. mr_happyland

    Flying from California to Oshkosh part 3: The Show (video)

    Here's part 3 of my trip. In this one, I check out Airventure for my first time. (if you haven't seen parts 1 or 2, search in this forum or you can find the links on youtube) PS....this one is rated PG-13 haha
  8. mr_happyland

    Flying from California to Oshkosh in a Grumman Tiger / part 2: Fisk Arrival

    Here's part 2 of my trip from California to Oshkosh. In this episode, after waiting out the weather in La Crosse, WI, we hop in the plane and fly the Fisk Arrival. If you missed part 1, you can find it here:
  9. mr_happyland

    Flying from California to Oshkosh part 1 (video)

    After several years of talking about it, me and a buddy finally flew up to Oshkosh in my Tiger. It was a great trip. Here's part 1 of the video series I am making about it:
  10. A1Topgun

    Elite Airway flights to Oshkosh (Appleton)

    Has anyone taken an Elite flight to Oshkosh? I believe they started flights last year, but I an not sure. https://res.eliteairways.net/
  11. 1

    Hitching a ride to OshKosh question

    I seem to remember EAA air venture's website used to have a section of pilots posting that they were flying in and had space for a hitchhiker. I can't seem to find this. Anyone have any info on this. Edit: I was looking to hitch from Florida, Daytona area
  12. S

    Oshkosh Recommendations

    I've been wanting to go to Oshkosh ever since I started flying some eight or so years ago, and finally will have the opportunity to go for a couple days this year. I'll be heading in commercially, don't have an airplane to use for the trip. If you only had two days (and evenings) to spend there...
  13. dembro

    What it's like to DEPART Oshkosh (spoiler alert: awesome)

    So technically this video is from my trip to OSH17, but it doesn't look like too many folks have posted videos of their OSH Departures, so I thought I'd throw mine into the mix! The arrival gets all of the love (for good reason), but the departure demands respect and a good set of ears. You'll...
  14. easik

    Cool Shots From Oshkosh 2018

    I'm creating this thread to share some of my coverage of Oshkosh. As you know this is a week long event with miles on miles of things to see. I wasn't able to see all the aircraft on my list, so please do share some of your coverage as well. Thanks! The almighty Draco Merlin PSA solo...
  15. forseth11

    Flight Video from Oshkosh to Fort Worth

    So last week I got back from an 8 day trip as Oshkosh. While I was there I got two GoPros, so I recorded my return trip. Here is the video I made: I plan on making more, and as soon as I get to take my CFI checkride, I want to make instruction videos and make videos talking about aviation to...
  16. easik

    Car Parking at Air Venture 2018

    Hope everyone is having a great week! We are here in Wisconsin, going to drive up to the event all week. Need some advise on parking please. What's been your experience and what are the best places to park? thanks.
  17. dembro

    Watch this before you fly the Fisk Approach into OSH

    Ok - so the title is a little clickbait-y BUT my hope is that you might actually find this video useful to give a watch before you fly into OSH this year (especially if you've never done it before). I had the privilege of hitching a ride along with @mjburian for OSH17 and we filmed it. It...
  18. D

    Oshkosh 2018

    I’m interested in going to EAA Airventures 2018 I live in Southern California and looking for anyone going that might have an open seat. I’m a pilot and own a Cherokee 140 but not ready to fly in on my own. Thanks!
  19. Justin M

    2017 Fisk Arrival into Oshkosh - 2 Go Arounds

    Hi. I liked this video on this pilot's events during his Fisk Arrival into Oshkosh. Justin
  20. Steve Costello

    Source for firewood

    I'll be heading out next Friday evening for setup at Scholler on Saturday morning. Last year I bought firewood twice from the camp stores, and... well, that gets pretty darned expensive at the rates they are charging. Also, not sure where they are getting their wood (looks like old pallet wood)...