1. CaptGully

    Comanche Time CFI

    Hello everyone, currently in need of a CFI with 1000+ hour total time, 250+ hour retract gear, and 25 hours in a Comanche 250. Insurance is requiring 25hrs dual with such CFI before solo, I am located in Central Florida on KDED airfield. Anyone who qualifies and is near/knows of someone please...
  2. BaltCoFlyer

    Skywatch Insurance?

    I’ve been looking around for student/renter’s insurance and come across Skywatch. I’m a bit unclear on how it works- plans by the day/week/month? Do you only insure days that you’re going flying? Thanks.
  3. Amsirahc

    What kind of owner's insurance do I need?

    Hello all, I just bought my first airplane! WOO! It's a 1967 Piper Cherokee in fairly good condition that's been used as a rental/trainer for a short while, and I am wanting to do a couple things with it: Continue to rent it out (I have permission from the airport). The goal being to rent it...
  4. Dave Anderson

    What is your insurance doing? Climbing or descending?

    Curious about what others are seeing. I've owned for 1 year, low time pilot with an LSA my insurance just quoted and didn't move. I flew around 70 hrs last year with no accidents and nothing happened. I have close to 175 hrs I find it insane that my insurance is staying at a nice car payment...
  5. Ray Jr

    Insurance Costs on LSA Amphibians

    Hello, Does anyone have any idea what the insurance overlords are charging for insurance on things like Super Petrel, Seamax, SeaRey ? Thanks!
  6. Jake Simpson

    Piper Arrow III mx/insurance

    Hello all, Looking into purchasing an Arrow III or similar aircraft. My question is how much more is the complex aspect going to cost me in annual inspection/annual mx expenses? How much is a typical annual inspection going to cost me? I'm also curious about insurance. I'm a private pilot with...
  7. flyerfocus

    Renter's Insurance: What's Your Coverage? Best Companies? Other Tips?

    I figure it might be a good idea to get renters insurance since I have not flown for a number of years other than a recent BFR and some T&Gs. Going to venture away from my home airport this weekend. What kind of coverage do you have? Where can I find the best rate with a reputable insurer...
  8. dfw11411

    Risk management regarding passengers

    Once I earned my PPL and bought a plane, friends (and even people I'd only met once) began asking me to take them up. My personal rule is to be rather non committal and wait until they ask at least one more time. That seems to weed out the casual requests. So far I've only flown with a handful...
  9. Saraq

    HELP! Insurance Claim Denial

    Hey all, First time airplane owner here and within the first week of owning my Cessna 172 I hit a ground loop and did some damage to both the plane as well as some PAPI lights at the airport. When trying to work with insurance regarding covering the property damage at the airport as well as the...
  10. Ray Jr

    Looking for your info on your airplane ownership experience

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone would like to share any or all of the details listed below related to their airplane ownership experience. I'm working on a new YouTube channel that focuses on the cost of owning specific aircraft. Something I found sadly lacking online while doing my own...
  11. Nathan Miller


    I dinged my wing tip recently and paid to have it replaced out of pocket, hoping to avoid a claim and higher rates when I renew. In hindsight, I wonder if I didn't do myself any favors. I just got my application from my broker for insurance renewal. One of the questions is "in the past 5...
  12. rhkennerly

    I need some insight from the experienced re: Insurance....

    I'm a PPL thinking about buying an LSA (I'm still debating EAB kit or SLSA). I need some guidance on two subjects: Financing and Insurance. I'll start a thread for each. Insurance: I don't have a clue about how aircraft insurance works. I do have an umbrella policy to protect assests as...
  13. Travis Schaefer

    Buying Seneca iii, lower time pilot. Insurance cost?

    Hello everyone, I have a little over 230 hours(over 160 complex) with HP time and I own a Beech Sierra c24r that I'm selling at the moment) 0 multi logged and non-IFR but plan on finishing that in the next few months. I have been looking into a twin and have narrowed it down to a specific...
  14. PeterNSteinmetz

    Opinions about Old Republic Aerospace?

    A partner and I in a new plane have a much better quotation for insurance from Old Republic Aerospace. They have an A+ financial strength rating from A.M.Best but I am wondering if people here have an opinion about them? @Rgbeard ?
  15. J

    Insurance for seniors

    Searched forum for 'insurance' and specifically for keyword 'seniors' - no results other than a warning to seniors about high rates. Can't say I didn't try. So here's the question: anyone have some ballpark figures for Piper Cherokee 180 or Piper Arrow 180 hp or similar, low time VFR senior...
  16. Z

    New Pilot - Wing hinges and control surface travel

    In Florida with the lousy weather - hinges being bent or control rods moved out of place to rub adjacent metal surface. This could've happened due to strong winds flapping the control surfaces. Does anyone have any experience with insurance covering damages caused due to wind flapping the...
  17. A

    Insurance for PA-23-160

    I would appreciate if you could recommend an insurance broker / company (other than AOPA Insurance Agency) to insure my 1958 PA-23-160. I have about 12 hours in PA-23 but don't have multi engine rating.
  18. Alex Batista

    Rent or Own before IFR?

    So it’s been said that an Instrument rating will lower an Airplane Owner’s Insurance cost which is why some people advice to be Instrument rated before buying. But Owning an airplane may reduce the training cost while going for your IFR rating. So, comparing apples to apples, would it make more...
  19. darrell

    Time in Make and Model for Insurance Purposes

    I am sure this is a terrible question and I'm sure the answer is obvious, but just in case.... I am going to get an instructor put on my aircraft's insurance, and it's a C177RG. He has no time in a C177RG, but he does have time in a C172RG. Can he count his C172RG time as Time In Make and...
  20. cholubaz

    Insurance on a Experimental Plane VS Factory

    Hello all, Can any of you who have owned both a certified factory plane. Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, etc.. and also some kind of experimental please tell me what you have found to be true when it comes to insuring them. For example a 200hr pilot with complex and HP endorsements owning a Bonanza...