New Pilot - Wing hinges and control surface travel


Apr 28, 2019
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In Florida with the lousy weather - hinges being bent or control rods moved out of place to rub adjacent metal surface. This could've happened due to strong winds flapping the control surfaces. Does anyone have any experience with insurance covering damages caused due to wind flapping the control surfaces??

Hey guys will be posting new vids on aircraft ownership and maintenance - on my new upcoming channel - Check it out!

If that’s happening, folks aren’t using control locks like they should be. They’re made (and part of the checklist) for a reason...
That part of the policy coverage is annotated right under the part about tires, oil, light bulbs and brakes. ;)
Plane would be flipped over before that would happen with proper gust lock use. That does suck because it sounds expensive.
Regarding the vid
First off I always give credit to ppl that make vids. It’s takes some confidence to put your self out there and let ppl compliment and critique at the same time. I have a good GoPro setup and haven’t dared put it up. To try but might in the future.
I do a medical TV show and I can’t even watch that or I’d commit suicide. I make kids turn it off when I walk in if they happen to have it on.
Great job handling the bee! Didn’t panic. Could have been a mess. Like the music.
Is it the camera angle or just me that you can’t see the DG or the turn coordinator with that iPad on the yoke. That would bother me-I see that a lot with these vids.
There is a quote I remember reading somewhere here on the forum-something to the effect of “center lines are a lonely place, they are only for professionals.” It resonated for me-keep it between your feet!
Thanks! Apart from the not so perfect landing it was a great flight!
I know the moment I post something on social media - there are people that can critique every aspect, people who compliment and people who wouldn't care. Don't fear the negative comments because you will have many - just need to filter out for constructive ones.

Let me know if you need ideas on gopro mounts - I've tried a few and so far have not lost a gopro yet..

The yoke mount works really well - was able to mount to clear all instruments - Ipad mini would've been better since the 9.7" takes up a lot of space.
Yoke was from mygoflight - was expensive @ $144 (Mount) + $144 (Ipad cradle) and I'm still debating whether I should keep it or not. RAM mounts might be around $50-$70.
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