1. malcoholio

    “Resume own Nav” while IFR

    Maybe all the holiday Cheer has my memory malfunctioning, but I hit an unexpected situation yesterday and would appreciate some input. Setup: Flying IFR in VMC from KAAA to KBBB. Flight plan included a long segment on a Victor Airway. This occurred during that segment. Flight segment was over...
  2. Maas885

    What avionics does my 182Q need to have for me to take a IFR check ride?

    Hello, I'm wanting to start my IFR training but need to do some upgrades to make my 182Q IFR check ride ready. Was hoping I could just pop a Garmin GPS 175 for now but I think I might have to do some other stuff to make it IFR Check ride ready? It is ADS-B out already and it was IFR certified...
  3. T

    Part 61 instrument syllabus

    Good morning, I would like to reach out and see if anyone have a syllabus or a link for Part 61 instrument training syllabus. I know part 61 is 15 hours with a CFII And Part 141 is 35. I just wanted to see what is the difference with the curriculum and training lessons. Thank you!
  4. Penguinforce

    IFR Clearance you Cannot Follow

    I had a general question for what happens when you're given an IFR clearance you cannot abide by. In particular, a clearance that takes you over water. For example, I'm planning a flight from Louisivlle to Chicago Midway and I noticed one of the approaches goes over Lake Michigan. We don't have...
  5. R

    Experience in DTW Class B?

    Hi All - Planning a flight from PA to Michigan. Most direct routing will take me right through DTW Class B airspace from SE to NW, about 8-10 mi W of DTW. Wanted to ask those with experience if they will allow that, if there is a "preferred" route, etc. I don't see any "VFR Flyways"...
  6. ArrowFlyer86

    Replacing Turn Coordinator... or not?

    On the last three flights before annual my turn coordinator began sticking in a turn long after I'd leveled out (see pic below). Now I need to replace it or come up with some solution b/c when the plane exits annual I'll be finishing up the IR training. Currently I have a single Garmin G5 AI...
  7. ArrowFlyer86

    Approach naming when DME is req'd

    What's the difference between an approach named "LOC/DME" vs just "LOC" but with a requirement for DME in the specs? Is there any difference in the requirements? Examples Airport: KIMT Approach name: "LOC/DME BC RWY 19" With DME in the name... ...versus ... Airport: KJMS Approach name: "LOC...
  8. G

    Safety Pilot- HPN

    Just thought I'd post here. If there is another forum that's better suited for these kinds of posts, mods, feel free to move this. I am available on most weekdays to act as a safety pilot for anyone looking to stay IFR current. I am well versed in G1000 and C172/SR20/SR22. ASEL, CPL, IR...
  9. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago Approach / KLOT handoff

    There pretty much wasn't one today while doing LOC 2 approach at KLOT. My CFII had to ask to talk to KLOT tower after we were well into the delta airspace and on about a 2.5m final. Approach told us, literally, "yeah... Sure...". Well, LOT tower didn't know where we were lol. Quite different...
  10. dfs346

    D. B. Cooper and IFR

    On 12.30.2022, the FBI released its latest batch of declassified files on the hijacking of Flight 305 on 11.24.1971: "D.B.Cooper Part 78". On pages 85-86 we read: "“... during the hijacking the comment was made by the hijacker concerning IFR clearance, "you can pick it up in the air."” The...
  11. B

    Dynon EFIS D10A

    Hi There! I have an RV6A that I'm doing an avionics upgrade on. I have on the aircraft Dynon EFIS D10A, EMS D10, 2 axis Dynon autopilot. I'm trying to add Aspen PFD 1000 and IFD 440. is it possible to have the aspen EFIS talk to the Dynon EFIS so I could use the autopilot with the aspen and IFD 440?
  12. ArrowFlyer86

    Circling approach protected area

    While conducting a practice circling approach in VFR conditions we had to extend our downwind leg portion for landing traffic. During that time I realized that I don't know exactly how far out the protected area extends for a circling approach. I realized I should probably learn that :) Now I...
  13. Andrew

    How are jet routes determined when no preferred/recent routes exist?

    Just out of curiosity... Example flight: KCXY > KCRW When I search, there are no preferred/recent routes for jet routes. Is it then simply up to a human to determine, or is there a more prescriptive way it happens? thanks
  14. T

    Part 141 instrument training?

    What are your thoughts about instrument training Part 141? Outside of the 50hours XC PIC waived what are the benefits? Are students taking the checkride at 40 hours exactly w/ the pathway of 26 hours dual a/c and 14 hours redbird simulator?? What is the average time frame for instrument students...
  15. H

    Let's build a panel

    I'm bored guys. Let's build a panel together. I was thinking either a PA-28 or a C-172 but open to suggestions. I will add the suggested instruments to the template. I prefer steam gauges, but we can add glass if you want. I was also thinking "Light" IFR but maybe we can do a VFR and an IFR...
  16. Daleandee

    IFR Challenge & Register to Win a 3-monitor flight simulator

    I'm not IFR rated but this was quite interesting. Take a look and register to win a flight simulator. All they asked for was an email address. https://pilotworkshop.com/win-sim-ifrm-032022/
  17. Penguinforce

    Questionable Weather for IFR Checkride

    Hi all. I have my IFR checkride scheduled this upcoming week but the forecast on that day has been the same for a few days, which has not really changed: partly cloudy to cloudy in the morning with snow developing in the afternoon or potentially earlier. I will have to call my DPE the night...
  18. L

    Cheat Sheet of ATC Phraseology

    I'm finishing up my CFI-I and hope to teach instrument students soon. I want to simulate ATC instructions as authentic and proper as possible to my future students. I was wondering if there is all-encompassing document out there that contains all ATC phraseology (approach clearances, holding...
  19. Mike Gagnon

    Plan to use LNAV or Circling minimums for RNAV approach at alternate

    I'm struggling to understand the significance of text in AIM 1-1-18c.9.(a), where it says "When using WAAS at an alternate airport, flight planning must be based on flying RNAV (GPS) LNAV or circling minima line...". We're already going to be using non-precision alternate minimums (800-2) for...
  20. Daleandee

    Spatial Disorientation

    This is an excellent video by Joe Casey (DPE) on Spatial Disorientation. Some of the illustrations and techniques in this video are eye opening. Ways to show the effects of SD and ways to avoid SD begin about halfway through the video (see they guys spinning with the bats - LOL). Enjoy!