ifr training

  1. T

    Part 61 instrument syllabus

    Good morning, I would like to reach out and see if anyone have a syllabus or a link for Part 61 instrument training syllabus. I know part 61 is 15 hours with a CFII And Part 141 is 35. I just wanted to see what is the difference with the curriculum and training lessons. Thank you!
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago area safety pilot

    I'm beginning the flight portion of my IFR training and it'd be helpful to have a safety pilot for a lot of the practice so I don't need to schedule all the training with my instructor. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who would be interested? This would be in my well maintained Piper Arrow...
  3. T

    IFR Training Cessna 172 G1000 vs Round dials?

    I would like to see if anyone has recently completed their Instrument training using round dials? If so, how was your experience? I am currently finishing up the private licenses and wanted to see the different opinions and gain knowledge from each and everyone of you. I know a lot of people are...
  4. WannFly

    IFR training Lesson 1-8

    Lesson : 1-3 | Nov 1, 2020 | .5 Simulated | 1.5 total Background: I started my IFR journey 2 years back and this is the 3rd of 4rth time starting it lol. My independent CFII disappeared on me, so I finally went back to the local flight school where I did my private from and enrolled there. I...
  5. D

    Low Fuel Burn IFR trainer

    I am looking for a plane that can get me through private pilot and IRF training that has low fuel burn. Looking for something that is IFR or can be made IFR by adding appropriate avionics. Some planes I have considered are the Lancair 235 or 360 or zenith 601. Are these good airframes? Any other...
  6. T

    Accelerated IFR training

    Hi, Can anyone recommend me accelerated IFR training around SW Missouri area? I had my written, >50 hr XC, >35 Hr IFR...
  7. T

    Best Plane for my Mission?

    Hello folks, I am a private pilot with 100 hours looking to start my instrument training. While I know plenty of instructors, there are no good aircraft to rent in the area. Because of this, I am looking to purchase an airplane. I want this airplane to be a good platform for me to get my...
  8. M

    FNG looking for IFR checkride advice

    hi all, new guy here. Been grounded for 2 weeks due to 100 hour on training plane and the a&p’s found something that needed a part that still hasn’t arrived (that and the a&p and CFI aren’t exactly friendly with one another) Anyhow, with having been grounded I have been studying for the oral...
  9. C

    IFR practice approach departure procedure

    So I had this happen to me today- ATC clears me for an instrument approach to a nontowered airport, and I say I'm going to do a stop-and-go with momentary delay, and then I'll get my clearance on the ground from GCO. They tell me not to worry about it and just get back with them on the go...
  10. I

    Cleared for the approach

    New to the forum here but got a burning question to ask. Please reference the KFAR loc or ILS 18 approach plate. The other day I was getting vectors for the approach. And the controller said, " tail# 14 miles from kenie cleared for the localizer rwy 18" we were at 4000 MSL it was a training...
  11. M

    Ifr finisher course in their plane or stick with the club

    your input is appreciated. I took an american flyers weekend ifr written course and passed. Now im training for my oral and flight and its going slowly. Im in a club and one of the members is my cfii but its slow and im interested in trying a new instructor. The club olane will be...
  12. Chrisj13

    I need an IPC!! Norcal area

    Not sure if this should go here in this area, or the classifieds.... About me: Been a long time "out of the system", although I fly VFR frequently and use FF on every XC. Partners in a Cessna 172, good access to the airplane. Based at KMHR (Mather) near Sacramento. Looking to get BOTH legal and...
  13. G-Man

    Home IFR training sims?

    Recommendations and realistic expectations for a flight simulator to practice IFR? Won't log the time, just practice and build skills. Windows 7 64 bit, 8 GB Ram, 3 Ghz processor desktop. 20-inch and 24-inch LCD monitors. Have an older joystick controller, no pedals or throttle. Cessna 172...
  14. forseth11

    Instrument Rating - Safety Pilot

    Hello. I'm currently training for my instrument rating and I only need 12.7 more IMC or simulated IMC time. So far I have only practiced and trained with my flight instructor, and I was wanting to try out the safety pilot option since my instructor is not always in town. Would any private...
  15. CLPSO-34

    Flight instructor near Clow?

    Does anybody know of a freelance CFII near Clow (1C5)/ Naper Aero (LL10)? I am looking to fly 3-4 times per week. A full time flight instructor would be ideal. I have access to an archer that I will be training in.