I need an IPC!! Norcal area


Sep 11, 2013
Sacramento, CA
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Not sure if this should go here in this area, or the classifieds....
About me:
Been a long time "out of the system", although I fly VFR frequently and use FF on every XC.
Partners in a Cessna 172, good access to the airplane.
Based at KMHR (Mather) near Sacramento.
Looking to get BOTH legal and proficient again.
Very low time in actual, looking for some good training and wanting to learn from someone much more experienced.
Available to fly mostly on Sat, Sun or Mon, anytime.
PM is best.
I had been out of flying for 15 plus years. A friend recommended Scott Miller at CFI at Ksac. I did about 6 hours of ground and about the same in the air to get my flight review completed. I was very happy with Scott. He is a Sacramento native, and seemed very flexible.
Can recommend Keith at California Airways on your field. He has some awesome sim setups as well to do some work before getting in the airplane that can really help proficiency beyond the minimum requirements.