1. T

    Bose QC45 & UFlyMike vs Crystal Mic Pro Lightning

    Hello! New student pilot here and I have pair of BOSE QC45 headphones I would like use with a Mic setup for flying until I get my hands on a pair of A20's. I searched around the forums and I didn't run across anything that seemed up to date. I am looking between these two addon's and am...
  2. S

    For Sale Zulu 3 Headset

    I have a Lightspeed Zulu 3 for sale with case. Only used 3 times, bought brand new from the Lightspeed website directly as a backup headset. I decided that I like the Bose A20 better after all, so i am selling these and getting the Bose for my spare headset. These work fine, but I personally...
  3. S

    300 Ohm headset question

    Good afternoon, I did a search for "headet" and "potentiometer" and came up with nothing in this forum so here goes the question. Can any of you tell me the standard value for headset potentiometers? I'm dealing with a David Clark "clone" that has a faulty pot. The headphones Ohm out to 150...
  4. J

    Estab. Value of Pilots Bag,headset,etc

    My friend flew in the early 90s and is not Internet savvy .he asked me to see if I can establish the value of his old pilot bag I’m calling it .it has a David Clark headset and the usual pilot tools and comes with a very nice bag
  5. drgwentzel

    For Sale Lightspeed Zulu PFX ANR Headset for sale on eBay...

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/333650912961 Hello Flyers! I am selling my Zulu PFX headset on eBay. It's in good condition and has the normal wear one would expect. I hope it finds a good home! Gene Wentzel
  6. Rusty Coonfield

    Thin Temple Prescription Glasses?

    Hey all, I’m on the hunt for a new pair of glasses that wont’ leave my ears worn out after long flights under my headset. I love the thin paddle designs that Method Seven and Flying Eyes have for their sunglasses styles. I wonder if any of you have a go to style or brand for daily Rx glasses to...
  7. Frank B

    For Sale WTB: Panel Interface GA Plugs Lightspeed Tango

    Hello, I am in need of a panel interface “With GA plugs” for a Lightspeed Tango. I recently purchased a used set but they came with the LEMO plug interface only. Most planes that I fly don’t have LEMO. Maybe you have a broken headset and would like to sell your panel interface ? Thanks, Frank
  8. JScarry

    Audio line level and GoPro

    We’re going to record this month’s EAA meeting for folks who feel that they shouldn’t go out in public. Plus we have a really interesting speaker lined up so we might get some hits on YouTube. I connected an Audio-Technica shotgun mic to an Audio Duo mixer. The mixer has an output that...
  9. N

    Has anyone tried the new Bose Pro Flight in a piston plane?

    I figure this would be the best board to post this on ? I figured there are pilots here who have trained or are still training on SEP or turbine planes. I want to gift my father a headset since he's an avid casual pilot. I figured getting him a Bose ProFlight 2 would be the best, since it's an...
  10. T

    Headset Sound-off! Bose A20 vs. Faro Stealth 2 ANR

    2021 (2022) UPDATE AT END OF THREAD (In short, get a Bose/Lightspeed/David Clark. No question). [Unsure if this post belongs here, in "Technical", or elsewhere. Is there a "Gear" channel?] Pilots and sound junkies, let's have a sound-off! Bose A20 vs the Faro Stealth 2 ANR. (Note: The Stealth...
  11. Skepilot

    UFQ L2 ANR in-ear headset

    Haven't seen anyone post about this headset, so I thought I'd start a thread. I was looking for something super-lightweight, in-ear with good noise reduction. I was thinking about buying a Clarity Aloft or a Halo, then this thing popped up on my radar. Basically the same concept as those, but...
  12. JScarry

    Has anyone tried the new Bose Pro Flight in a piston plane?

    I noticed Stevo1Kinevo wearing a set on a couple of recent flights and on the last flight Mindy was wearing a pair in the back of a Cessna 206. They implied that they are alright, but didn’t really give a review. Has anyone tried them in a Cessna or Piper and compared comfort and noise...
  13. N

    Want To Buy Cheap Aviation Headset (Wanted)

    Howdy all, Looking for buy a cheap headset for passenger use. Dual plugs and in working condition. Looking to spend around $50, but I'm open to what you have. Reply below or message me, thanks!!
  14. Lando

    For Sale UFlyMike headset adapter for Bose QC15 (2 available)

    Two barely used UFlyMike aviation headset adapters for Bose QC15 headphones. Model: A100T-101 Standard two-plug GA cords Includes all accessories for both units and one user manual Bose QC15 NOT included (open to an offer if you want the whole combo) These work great and are really...
  15. Stearman

    For Sale Brand new David Clark H10-13.4

    Looking to sell my brand new, in box DC headset. I only used it twice - once in a Cub and another in a 172. Bought it at an IAC chapter auction DC had donated it to. Great headset but I have an older one that works fine and I need the money for school. Email me for pictures. I'll try to get some...
  16. W

    For Sale David Clark H10-20 Headset Price Reduced

    Less than 50 hours use. Includes Headset Bag and unused ear seal covers. Would need $4 mic windscreen if desired. Time commitments preclude continued pursuit of flying. $175 includes shipping and PayPal fees.
  17. W

    For Sale David Clark H10-20 Headset

    Less than 50 hours use. Includes Headset Bag and unused ear seal covers. Would need $4 mic windscreen if desired. Time commitments preclude continued pursuit of flying. $200.
  18. Skepilot

    Cushion to adapt headset for kid?

    I've got a lightweight headset for my 5-year old, but even at the smallest setting, the headband is a bit big for her cute little head. I was thinking I could find a nice pillowy cushion for the headband which would make the ear cups sit higher for a better fit. But most of the headband cushions...
  19. R

    MyPilotStore.com Review

    Anyone ever purchase anything from mypilotstore.com? I'm about to purchase a headset and sporty's doesn't take American Express. Given Amex's customer service, it's tough for me to make such a big purchase on a debit card. Just want to make sure the site is reputable before I give them way...
  20. labbadabba

    Any PIREPS on KORE headsets?

    I'm in need some spare headsets for PAX. So I'm in the $150 and under segment. I searched the forum and didn't see anything on KORE headsets. The reviews on Amazon are highly favorable...