1. labbadabba

    Any PIREPS on KORE headsets?

    I'm in need some spare headsets for PAX. So I'm in the $150 and under segment. I searched the forum and didn't see anything on KORE headsets. The reviews on Amazon are highly favorable...
  2. T

    For Sale Bose Aviation X $400 Used

    Hi everyone, I have 5 of the Bose Aviation X with the 6 pin connector, meant for built in systems. The items all work perfectly and are in very good condition, no major damage other than regular wear. One can also purchase the adapter for $59.95 from Bose's website if meaning to use the 2...
  3. T

    Replacing Headset Ear Seals

    Hello everyone, As the title states, I am curious if anyone found a trick for easily replacing ear seals? I am able to get the old ones off with minimal fuss, but putting the new ones on seems almost impossible... What, if anything, am I doing wrong?
  4. B

    Hybrid Headset...

    Hi everyone, I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a pair of 'in ears' or molded in ear monitors as they're called and that I would like to use them in lieu of a headset. You've seen musician's wear them - they look like this: Rather than up grade to some noise canceling headsets that...
  5. Fifty Days

    Zulu.2 Heli like new

    Like new Zulu.2 with the coiled heli cord, battery powered with bluetooth and connects to the flightlink app. Works great. There is a small amount of paint peeling from the control box as with all the zulus, if it bothers you the factory will replace the control box for free. I bought it last...