1. wayneda40

    Quick Tip: Aeronautical Map with AutoHighlight in ForeFlight

    Most all pilots began flying with a Sectional Chart, initially on paper and for most now on an EFB. Lots of info on a Sectional... maybe too much. This video is a quick introduction to what seems largely undiscovered by many ForeFlight pilots… the Aeronautical Map, including the use of the...
  2. hish747

    Why are they messing up ForeFlight?

    Did anyone else notice that when clicking on an airport on the map, the default is to go to the FBO information. This means you have at least two extra clicks to get to what you really want (Airport runway info or Weather). Also, the formerly intuitively named weather Forecast tab was renamed...
  3. dtbecker

    Foreflight Multiple TOC and TOD

    Does anyone know how to do multiple top of climbs and multiple top of descents on Foreflight? This is important for flying over/under a Class Bravo. I know I can assign an altitude to a waypoint but it doesn't actually recalculate fuel or speeds under the Navigation Log. I also don't have the...
  4. alexcr

    Citation Excel Range at Full Capacity: Conklin & de Decker vs. Foreflight

    According to Conklin & de Decker, the Citation Excel's range at full capacity is 1,449 nm... However, I'm testing this out using significantly shorter routes in Foreflight, and I'm running into issues on weight. I'm trying to figure out what can explain this. Here are...
  5. Keith Ward

    Flight Training 101: School’s In Session

    (This is taken from my blog. Click here to read on my website. Some members object to just providing a link, feeling that it's just clickbait, so I'm providing both options. Moderators, if this breaks any written or unwritten rules, please let me know). So, I was totally ready to fly yesterday...
  6. Keith Ward

    What Do I Need Beyond ForeFlight?

    I'm just getting back into flying, and have downloaded (but not yet used) ForeFlight. Does that pretty much do everything in terms of flight planning? Are there other must-have tools in the cockpit, or can it be the only tool I need? Thanks for your feedback!
  7. rwy7

    iPad in twin Cessna?

    Starting to fly a Cessna 310. My friend uses an iPad Mini with the a Ram suction mount on the left lower corner of the windshield. Has anyone tried the larger iPad Pro (9.7 or the new 11) in the same location? I'm curious about the panel visibility with the larger iPad off to the left side...
  8. K

    Best iPad for Foreflight, etc.

    Looking to upgrade my boyfriend's iPad (he's got an old model mini) for his birthday. Did some research and it keeps pointing to the 10.5" iPad Pro because it's big enough screen to see a lot of map, antireflective, larger memory to download, etc. Does anyone have either the iPad Pro or the...
  9. Jack C-137

    Long Shot: Need some GIS help for Foreflight. (MbTiles)

    So first time posting, long time lurker: I've been playing around with Foreflight's custom map features and they're really great. I've been able to download all kinds of georeferenced maps, turn them into MbTiles, and load them on my iPad Foreflight app. Really great stuff. Here's where I...
  10. G

    For Sale ipad mini 4, wifi + LTE

    Hi I am selling my ipad mini 4 that has LTE and wifi in it. I am from Canada, but the ipad is unlocked and will work with any network. how about $400US shipped Canada and CONUS
  11. Bulldog573

    New Graphics in Foreflight?

    Or maybe I just haven’t noticed. In the St. Louis area I’m seeing graphical representations of some of the VFR checkpoints, like the ones here for Busch Stadium and Gateway Arch: Kinda cool. But when I change “Map Touch Action” to Bring Chart to Front, they disappear. I don’t see them on...
  12. F

    AvNav Major Update - Vector Maps, Enhanced Terrain, New Website

    Dear Pilots: Happy to let you know about a major remake of AvNav - Android App for Pilots. Highlights: Improved stability eliminating crashes. New vector maps - Unique and innovative hybrid map mode -intelligent fusion of vector and raster maps (sectional etc.) Hillshading - see contours of...
  13. E

    ForeFlight Flight Planning Errors

    I have found a number of errors in the ForeFlight Flight planning engine. I planned a flight in a Cessna 172S traveling 55 miles at 4,500 feet at 2,400 rpms with a cruise true air speed of 108 knots. I exported this flight from the Maps page to the Flights page and then viewed the Navlog on the...
  14. ShaneBoruff

    iPad Mini w/ ForeFlight: help!

    Hello, I'm going to be using the iPad Mini with Foreflight when I fly. My question is: is there a big difference in cellular data or just using foreflight with an iPad mini with wifi only. Will I be subject to less content if I have an iPad with only wifi and no cellular when I fly? Thanks...
  15. X3 Skier

    $199 ADSB In from ForeFlight
  16. E

    ForeFlight Squawk Codes

    Wow went flying today and Foreflight sent me my squawk code with my expected route. Damn pretty cool!
  17. OtisAir

    JPI FS450 connection to Foreflight?

    Howdy! I did search to see if the topic existed but didn't see anything... Curious if an interface had been designed to link JPI FS450 data into Foreflight via bluetooth. I like the idea of having fuel references to navigation points and destinations but don't intend to purchase a handheld to...
  18. Gio Paolinelli

    Help me get an A+ on my project by sharing your feedback on EFB apps

    I’m earning a degree in Design and this quarter, my class project is about aviation electronic flight bag apps (Foreflight, FltPlan Go, etc). These apps are proving to be very useful planning and navigation tools, and my project has the goal of finding out how more how are they're being used and...
  19. F

    ForeFlight Log Book

    What are the potential legalities (Canada if it makes a difference) regarding switching entirely to ForeFlight eLog and ditching my book? Has anyone else done it? Pros/Cons?
  20. T

    Aviation Keyboard App for ForeFlight...Finally!!

    I recently came across on article on iPad Pilot News reviewing the app FFkeyboard and was quite impressed. Why hasn't ForeFlight thought of doing this on their own?? Anyways I went ahead and downloaded it to try it and this thing is a game changer. HUGE time saver and it really helps me keep...