AvNav Major Update - Vector Maps, Enhanced Terrain, New Website

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    Dear Pilots:

    Happy to let you know about a major remake of AvNav - Android App for Pilots.

    • Improved stability eliminating crashes.
    • New vector maps - Unique and innovative hybrid map mode -intelligent fusion of vector and raster maps (sectional etc.)
    • Hillshading - see contours of terrain in beautiful color. Hardware accelerated and fast. Enjoy terrain not just in high mountains but even in hilly Appalachians!
    • See which SUAs and MOAs are active today - on the map page itself. No need to call center or approach just to know status of a SUA/MOA.
    • ADSB improvements - more reliable and smoother operating. Support for many more receivers.
    • Streamlined downloads - all chart downloads are now on one simple page. Download entire country in one touch or get individual charts to save space - you have a choice.
    • Airport page improvement - more frequencies and local times on the airport page.

    Please see more details on our new website - we would like to hear what you think:

    Free 30 day trial license:

    Happy Flying!

    Sanjay Kumar