1. Lycosaurus

    Looking for H/W recommendation for Fltplan Go

    I've been with Fltplan Go for about 7 years or so, and it works really well on the iPad (mini 2). The mini has been slowing down over the years and OS is has been limited to iOS 12 for some time. I will need to upgrade the hardware likely within a year or so. I might make the jump to Android...
  2. Ronald Monsen

    xAttitude - new EFB-ish app for Android (iOS soon)

    Hey All, I am the lead developer for a new app called xAttitude. Right now it is totally free to use but it will ultimately use a modest subscription model. I think you will find xAttitude a fun and useful backup and situational awareness tool. It is not a replacement for your current EFB (I...
  3. T

    Reading NMEA information from Garmin GDL 39 on Android device

    Hi I'm wondering if the Garmin GDL 39 will export NMEA (or other location information) to an Android device and if anyone knows how to get that data from the receiver? Thanks,
  4. jaymark6655

    XGPS170D and Android

    I just purchased the XGPS170D, cannot seem to get it to work. I was planning on using it with a Kindle Fire HD 10 running Flt Plan Go, but when I connect through blue tooth, GPS stays connected for about 1 to 10 seconds. Figured I would give my Samsung Galaxy S7 a try to work out what is going...
  5. F

    AvNav Major Update - Vector Maps, Enhanced Terrain, New Website

    Dear Pilots: Happy to let you know about a major remake of AvNav - Android App for Pilots. Highlights: Improved stability eliminating crashes. New vector maps - Unique and innovative hybrid map mode -intelligent fusion of vector and raster maps (sectional etc.) Hillshading - see contours of...
  6. jstro

    GTX-345 and Galaxy bluetooth issues

    Anyone have a GTX-345 with Android bluetooth issues? My Galaxy S7 pairs successfully but refuses to connect. I'm going to grab an iPhone and another android tablet and see how they do. It might just be a Galaxy S7 thing. The GTX-345 connects just fine to the Aera 660, which I would hope since...
  7. Cap'n Jack

    [NA] Android phone, Pinyin keyboard, how to enter tones?

    I want to type something, for instance, 嗨 (hai1, hāi), which is "Hi" Is there anyway to do that with an Android phone? The alternative is to type "hai", then open the list of characters to find the one I want, and sometimes choose the wrong one. An unusual question, but maybe someone here...
  8. N

    Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag - Which Android Device... Galaxy Tab S2 or NVidia K1?

    Looking for a tablet for Garmin Pilot. Has anyone used either the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or the Nvidia Shield K1? I will be using a GDL 39 later this year once SVX is supported. I understand that Foreflight and iPad are the "Kleenex" of the industry however I am not considering this route.