xAttitude - new EFB-ish app for Android (iOS soon)

Ronald Monsen

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Apr 28, 2018
Naperville, IL
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Hey All,

I am the lead developer for a new app called xAttitude. Right now it is totally free to use but it will ultimately use a modest subscription model.

I think you will find xAttitude a fun and useful backup and situational awareness tool. It is not a replacement for your current EFB (I use Foreflight) but is designed to add features that are not available on those EFBs.

On this initial release it is only Android but iOS is coming soon. You can use it with any phone or tablet device - even really old ones.

xAttitude will connect to many external devices that support GDL-90 data format. This includes iLevil, uAvionix, Stratux and others.

Here is a brand new video demonstrating xAttitude with a Stratux box as the data source.
Flying with Stratux

The main website is xAttitude.app

Give it a try a give us some feedback!

Best Regards,
Ron Monsen
Nice, I've wanted an app to complement/back up the Foreflight tablet.
Question - is the attitude information coming from the Stratux (not all are built with AHRS) or from something in the tablet?