1. ArrowFlyer86

    What's some cool aviation data?

    I've been working on a search utility for a year that I'm going to make public in the next few weeks. As a hobby spin-off I'm dedicating part of the site to just aviation. It doesn't make me any money, just doing it for fun. I previously polled the PoA community in other threads asking about...
  2. H

    A 525HP Murphy Moose on floats

    The thing sounds like a dragster. Murphy makes great kits, is just a shame that it hasn't found his sweet spot
  3. H

    Prices are coming down

    Seems like we have some good news. Either people ran out of cash or a lot of folks decided to jump in the high prices wagon and put their planes in the market https://www.sandhills.com/news/article/250037989
  4. Aeron360

    For aviation enthusiasts out there...

    For more than 40 years, this renowned aerobatic pilot, Sean D. Tucker has thrilled air show audiences by sharing his passion for flight. Hear firsthand from Tucker about a singular lifetime of flight and his commitment to bringing young people into the aerospace community.
  5. H

    Pelican Airways

    Is Friday guys! https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/pelican-blocks-plane-from-takeoff-at-san-diego-airport/2933418/
  6. H

    Hi guys, what's this?

    Saw it on the bottom of a Luscombe 8A currently for sale: Thanks in advance
  7. H

    So, how often do you yell/curse to your plane?

    Any particular memory of a plane/flight that made you lose your ****e?
  8. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  9. H

    There's such thing as too many Airframe hours right?

    Searching for an hour (confidence) builder plane, I came to this one: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/206079693/1979-cessna-172n-skyhawk-piston-single-aircraft A 79' C172N with 14.500 total airframe hours. Probably from a flight school. I'm not interested on buying it but I got...
  10. H

    So, Textron just bought Pipistrel

    https://investor.textron.com/news/news-releases/press-release-details/2022/Textron-to-Acquire-Electric-Aircraft-Pioneer-Pipistrel/default.aspx What are your thoughts here guys? Good news or bad news for us aviators? A remake of the Skycatcher?
  11. H

    How long it took you to fly with your loved ones?

    Hi guys. Even if a PPL will legally allow you to carry passengers right after you get it, how long it took you to feel confident enough to bring your loved ones on board? Did you established a number of total hours or any other particular achievements while flying solo in order to take the decision?
  12. H

    What was the first aviation related book that you read?

    With the risk of revealing your age... (I mean, flight hours) do you recall what was the first aviation-related book you read? Do you still keep it on your bookshelf? (Share a pic or link if you want) Here's mine: "The Killing Zone". A book that may scare the s*** out of many aspiring pilots but...
  13. H

    Should you get a PPL license even if you are only expecting to fly LSA?

    I met a guy the other day at my flight school who is getting his Recreational Permit as he only expects to fly LSA. It makes me wonder if you should still go for PPL even if you only intend to fly LSA (which is my personal case). Should you start with RP and upgrade to PPL on the go, or should...
  14. H

    Buy/build a new Experimental or an get an old GA and refurbish it?

    Hi folks. With today's prices for new (and old!) GA planes, looks like the experimental/home built/LSA market is looking attractive. Yes, I know that I'm comparing apples to pineapples, but both will fly you places. I also know that some LSA/ELSA have price tags of 200K-300K and more (brand...
  15. Ronald Monsen

    xAttitude - new EFB-ish app for Android (iOS soon)

    Hey All, I am the lead developer for a new app called xAttitude. Right now it is totally free to use but it will ultimately use a modest subscription model. I think you will find xAttitude a fun and useful backup and situational awareness tool. It is not a replacement for your current EFB (I...
  16. J

    Request to post my Survey link for my final year report research project.

    Hey guys , this might be the most random post you might ever see here but I am a student conducting a research on pilots and the struggles of covid 19, i have requested /asked many people through different platforms to fill the survey but had very less success . The survey is aimed to pilots and...
  17. C

    How to get a job in the aviation industry?

    Hi everyone, I’m Catherine. I just graduated collage with a degree in ATC. I’m having difficulty landing a job. I’ve applied to multiple FBOs in my area and major airlines too. But I got rejected multiple times. I don’t have any hands on experience in aviation but I learned a lot in school, so...
  18. R

    Aviation in Austin...

    Fellow Aviators, I live in Raleigh, NC area and have been very fortunate to be part of a great flying club called Wings of Carolina. They have a well maintained fleet and good mix of different airplanes. I would be moving to Austin, TX soon and I am wondering if you can help me find a good...
  19. Michael Colley

    Heads Up Display

    Greetings Guys, New member, Just wanted to share some awesome things im working on, I packaged the HUD software made by John Marzulli, into a finished product for sale. I attached some images, Let me know if any of you guys are interested!
  20. Adan Alspektor

    Young Aviators

    Hi, I'm Adan, a student pilot. I fly at a small airport in Snohomish, WA. I'm 17 and I was wondering if there were any other young pilots on this website. If so, make yourself known! Adan :)