Help me get an A+ on my project by sharing your feedback on EFB apps

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    Jun 5, 2017
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    I’m earning a degree in Design and this quarter, my class project is about aviation electronic flight bag apps (Foreflight, FltPlan Go, etc). These apps are proving to be very useful planning and navigation tools, and my project has the goal of finding out how more how are they're being used and how can they be improved. I’m looking for pilots with some experience with them to achieve this.

    The first part of this project involves a simple online survey that will gather more information about the overall experience with apps and their use.

    Click the following to take the survey and help me with this project:

    All the information will be treated confidentially, and only statistical data will be shown in my final report. I’ve timed the survey and it takes about 2-5 minutes to answer.

    We can also use this thread to elaborate more or share opinions :)
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    Touchscreens suck, but they're better than being trapped with hard buttons for something getting rapid feature changes.

    Displays suck in sunlight but they're better than they used to be and a lot better than not having them.

    UI design sucks because it rarely optimizes the flow the person using the application would follow from pre-flight to shutdown. No flow at all. Bounce between tabs and menus, or make every square inch of the UI a "tappable" space to get to them. Or use screen real estate for soft buttons.

    Feature wars mean the apps get bigger and less efficient at every release, forcing hardware upgrades every few years.

    Learning five or ten apps as an instructor so you can assist a student on most anything they like and walk through the door with, sucks.

    And device choices suck. A battery should last a week for these tasks, not half a day.

    That said, its 100000 times better than paper and updating paper. ;-)