1. A

    Medical issue

    So long story short is that I used to be depressed and I had to take lexapro and I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. It started originally in High school when it was the worst to the point of withdrawing from school but I left after my sophomore year (2018) and did online...
  2. H

    Medexpress Help!!

    Hi everyone, I recently filled out my med express form as I am about to start a new pilot program so I can attain my PPL and hopefully my CPL. I was able to fill out my medical application and to see the AME and received the all clear and got my first class certificate the same day. Fast forward...
  3. V

    Basic Med above 18,000MSL?

    Hello, I’m new to the forums here. Looking forward to learning and interacting with everyone. I currently fly under Basic Med. I know it restricts operations above 18,000MSL. My dream is to be able to fly into the flight levels one day. In your opinions, is there a possibility that Basic Med...
  4. ArrowFlyer86

    FAA Safety Seminar / Wings Program

    With the terribly horrendous weather the last month in Chicago I've barely been able to fly. Low ceilings, icing risk and generally bad weather have thrown a wrench into my IFR training regimen. And now the plane is going in for annual in about a week. To try and keep some modicum of aviation...
  5. E

    The $20/hour Cessna 172 experiment—Update

    https://airfactsjournal.com/2022/10/the-20-hour-cessna-172-experiment-update/ I found this article particularly fascinating. They found a way to address the leaded gas issue. Plus reduced operating costs, emissions and noise. You get one guess what the roadblock is.
  6. C

    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...
  7. Brad Z

    FAA Regs 101: The Difference between an Exemption and a Waiver

    Based on some recent threads, there seem to be some misunderstandings between exemptions and waivers. Let me see if I can help... Exemption: Simply put, an exemption is a type of rulemaking that is granted to a person or entity in order to relieve them from a regulation when no other means to...
  8. IK04

    Flying a drone in South Tampa this weekend could cost you big bucks

    https://wflanews.iheart.com/featured/florida-news/content/2022-03-24-flying-a-drone-in-south-tampa-this-weekend-could-cost-you-big-bucks/ Does this warning of a $225,000 fine seem a little outrageous? I understand they want to keep the usual morons away from the zoomy Air Force jets, but where...
  9. Metolor

    EASA to FAA PPL validation

    Hi everyone! In a few months time I'm heading to the States for a couple weeks (NY area). I currently hold a EASA PPL. Going to what we could call the GA paradise, I've thought it'd be a good idea to get a validation to rent a plane and do a few hours there just for pure pleasure. I just have a...
  10. O

    What’s the Status of Training in Special Classes?

    I’ll get the details wrong, but there was recently an FAA legal case that resulted in an opinion that no flight training could take place in Experimentals, LSAs, or any other Special category without a LODA. Oshkosh happened, and there was a flurry of discussion. Mount Vernon happened and there...
  11. Kent Wien

    “LPA - Light Personal Aircraft” proposed by FAA

    Latest from Dan Johnson. It looks like LSA will stay largely the same with a few modifications (single power lever allowed as is electric propulsion) and a new category called LPA created. LSA will be a subset of LPA perhaps. More here...
  12. X3 Skier

    Martha Lunken has privileges revoked

    Flew under a bridge and was caught. At least she wasn’t “Hoovered”:D https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/04/18/lunken-airport-faa-martha-jeremiah-morrow-bridge/7089271002/ Cheers
  13. Arnold

    Nice Chart of Air Regulation History

    This is from the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook.
  14. F

    8050-2 Question - Gift?

    My father owns an airplane. It is registered in his name and not in a LLC. He is very ill and unable to act on his own behalf. My mother has a POA and would like to gift the airplane to me. Has anyone here gifted an aircraft or received an aircraft as a gift? AOPA told me the POA will be...
  15. Penguinforce

    Do I Need to File a Report?

    On my flight today, I encountered total electric failure and therefore lost the ability to communicate with radios. Luckily I was already in talks with flight following and seconds before losing communications, I told them we would be diverting to a nearby delta airspace airport and we were...
  16. MCube78

    Is this ASA commerical pilot exam guide answer wrong?

    Trigger warning: this is about common vs private carriage (and Flytenow vs FAA). :confused::confused::confused: You've been warned.. [EDIT: Short answer to the title is "No"] Hi Everyone, aspiring commercial certificate pilot here. So, I've used ASA materials before (private/IFR) and I find...
  17. G


    hi guys , im currently studying for my check ride and I couldn't get a straight answer from my instructor . 1. is it legal to use FAR/AIM to answer the examiner questions ? 2. when is it too much using of FAR in a check ride ? 3. if its legal to use FAR/AIM on an exam , can it be used on a...
  18. D

    Name not showing on FAA database

    I am trying to get back into flying but I could not see my name on the database. I was short of getting my PPL way back in 1992. I already took the written exam and all I needed was a few more hours before I could take my checkride. Is it possible that because of my PPL process was incomplete...
  19. B

    FAA Piggyback and government shutdown

    Hi everyone, I was trying to complete the foreign license verification process (EASA to FAA), last step should have been on the 22nd of Jan with my nicely arranged appointment with an FSDO but government shutdown struck and it’s still in place, so the FSDOs are still closed. Since I’ll be...
  20. Daniel Millican

    So who is this Bryan Turner, and why does the FAA want to investigate him?

    Here's a video that explains a little too much. The irony is that we shot this months ago. Enjoy! Dan