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Mar 20, 2022
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Hi everyone!

In a few months time I'm heading to the States for a couple weeks (NY area). I currently hold a EASA PPL. Going to what we could call the GA paradise, I've thought it'd be a good idea to get a validation to rent a plane and do a few hours there just for pure pleasure. I just have a couple questions about the process of doing so.

Once I get the verification letter via IACRA, I've been told (and this is something I need to confirm) that due to covid it's been possible to do a video call with a DPE in order to complete all the paperwork to get the Temporary Airman Certificate. In case this is not true or doesn't apply any more, I'd just try to get an appointment for the FSDO and complete everything there.

Secondly, once I have the Temporary Airman Certificate, I'm supposed to do a sort of checkride with a CFI in order to be able to act as PIC and be able to fully use my PPL, right? Do you believe that, generally speaking, flight schools/clubs are willing to do the rental checkout and that "checkride" together? I don't really know what to expect on that kind of checkride in terms of what's done or how many hours is gonna last.

Thanks a million for your help :)