1. R

    Pittsburgh airplane rental

    I visit Canonsburg PA (about 20 miles SW of Pittsburgh) several times a year. Does anyone know where you can find an airplane rental? Ideally Cessna 182. I would like to do some day trips but local flight schools don't seem to offer non instruction rentals and if they do they want them back in...
  2. R

    Pittsburgh IFR short XC

    My in laws live in Canonsburg PA (about 20 miles SW of Pittsburgh). I visit several times a year and would love an excuse to get away for a day to go flying. I would like to find a CFI/CFII and rental plane (preferably C182) nearby and do a short cross country and shoot some approaches along the...
  3. T

    LSA Rental California

    Hi Everyone, I have travel taking me to Santa Barbara and then Torrance, CA. I'd love to get checked-out and rent a plane to do some flying--appreciating the gorgeous coast. Anywhere between Santa Barbara and the LA area is preferred, however I may visit a friend in San Diego as well so I am...
  4. T

    Flight schools best rates

    I’ve recently come across two flight schools that have really great rates for training and rental. A/c hourly rate: Rocky Mountain flight school with c150 and c172 ranging from 90 - 135 dollars an hour KBJC North Little Rock air: pipers ranging from 85 -125 an hour. KORK What other...
  5. James Jourdonnais

    DA42 to Fly in Denver Area

    I’m looking for a DA42 to fly in the Denver area (CFO, BJC, APA, or any of the other airports in the area.) I got my multi engine rating at Midwest Corporate Air in Ohio, and I’ve been trying to find a place where I can fly one again. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Amsirahc

    What kind of owner's insurance do I need?

    Hello all, I just bought my first airplane! WOO! It's a 1967 Piper Cherokee in fairly good condition that's been used as a rental/trainer for a short while, and I am wanting to do a couple things with it: Continue to rent it out (I have permission from the airport). The goal being to rent it...
  7. The rogue

    Rent 6 Seats SW Michigan

    Anyone know of a rental, 6 place plane in Michigan, near Kalamazoo? I talked to the folks in ARB already, and it seems awesome, but I thought I'd look for something closer to home before I got in over there. I know MKG used to have a Lance, but that's about as far from me as ARB. I'm getting...
  8. Metolor

    EASA to FAA PPL validation

    Hi everyone! In a few months time I'm heading to the States for a couple weeks (NY area). I currently hold a EASA PPL. Going to what we could call the GA paradise, I've thought it'd be a good idea to get a validation to rent a plane and do a few hours there just for pure pleasure. I just have a...
  9. C

    looking for a six-seater to rent in CA

    Hi, I Recently got my PPL, and still well under 250 total hours. We are a family of 5 and I'm looking for a single, six-seater (or five-seater) for a family vacation, somewhere around the San Francisco bay area, or anywhere is northern California/Navada. So far the only place I found that has...
  10. Aye Effaar

    NJ Rental for solo flight

    Looking for GA trainer aircraft rental in NJ. Open to 172, 152, Warrior, Archer, etc.... I'm open to leaseback if you have one available. Working on my CFI, so I need to fly right-seat There is a real shortage of rental opportunities here. Plenty of flight schools willing to provide planes...
  11. jimbo

    AC rental or partnership in Central Iowa

    I'm brand new to PoA. I'm a PP ASEL, IFR, w/Acrobat endorsement. I live in central Iowa and I'm looking to find either a Cessna 177RG, 182 straight or RG, 210 or Bonanza to either rent or partner with. 600+ hrs most of it in Cessna retrac/HP.
  12. Jake Simpson

    Aircraft rental checkou

    Hello all, I recently did a checkout in a 172. The flight lasted 1.1 total. My preflight brief with the CFI was no more than five minutes as he had just hopped out of another plane and I had already preflighted. After we landed we did a postflight briefing that also lasted roughly five minutes...
  13. J

    6 Seat Rental?

    I just posted a thread about buying a 6 seater - Lance, Saratoga, C210, Bonanzas were all suggested. Having never flown any of these before, are there flight schools which rent them out? I live in Vegas but have the ability to travel elsewhere. Thank You!
  14. A

    Cessna 172 rental near Minneapolis

    Hi Friends in Minneapolis area, I will be visiting Minneapolis (Chaska) are for this weekend starting tomorrow. Was wondering if you could recommend a place where I could rent a Cessna 172/182/150/152 for a few hours? I have a PPL with 175+ hours, high performance endorsement and mountain...
  15. N

    What resources do you use to find other pilots to fly with?

    Hi there - new member on PoA. Curious about resources that anyone uses to find new pilots to fly with/safety pilots for Instrument currency/etc. Is it just word of mouth/flight school/instructor recommendations? Also curious where many of you find/meet GA pilots who you fly with regularly; not...
  16. Justin M

    Rental 172 in Appleton WI

    My father moved to Appleton Wisconsin this month and I'm headed over to visit him (and take him to a Packers game). Can anyone recommend a 172 I can rent, beg, borrow or steal so I can fly him around over his new neighborhood on Monday?