1. C

    Looking for Multi DPE in NorCal

    Hey fellow pilots and aviators, I could really use some help at the moment. For the past few months, I've been struggling to find a DPE for a multi-checkride in the NorCal area (KSAC, KMCC, KAUN). The one most often used up here is going on vacation and not taking on any check rides till June...
  2. cprenaveau

    Seeking Clarification: AGI and IGI Certifications on a Single Card?

    Having successfully passed my IGI and FOI exams, I'm ready to present my scores to a DPE for my cert. But I've hit a slight snag: my FOI exam is nearing its expiration. Naturally, I want to secure my scores before that happens. A question has been lingering on my mind: if I possess both AGI and...
  3. R

    DPE in KROC

    Anyone taking their comm multi checkride with Ken Lindsay in KROC? How is he as a DPE?
  4. R

    Ken Lindsay DPE

    Anyone take those checkride with Ken Lindsay up in KROC NY? How is he as a DPE?
  5. J

    Any info/advice on where I can train and take the exam for CFI-S?

    I went after my CFI-S (CFI Sport Pilot) rating this past spring but ran into some issues with the school and their planes. I have my two written tests completed (CFI-S and FOI) but need to complete the training, schedule, and take the practical. It's been hard finding schools with Light Sport...
  6. Metolor

    EASA to FAA PPL validation

    Hi everyone! In a few months time I'm heading to the States for a couple weeks (NY area). I currently hold a EASA PPL. Going to what we could call the GA paradise, I've thought it'd be a good idea to get a validation to rent a plane and do a few hours there just for pure pleasure. I just have a...
  7. jarod

    FSDO inspector VS DPE

    Hello all, hope all is well as we approach the end of the year. I am writing today for just some simple insight and opinions from you all as the best way for me to proceed. I am almost finished with my training for my PPL and am getting ready for a checkride. My LOA for my medical flight test...
  8. PeterNSteinmetz

    DPE Reviews website

    New site with reviews of DPEs from around the web - http://dpereviews.org "FAA Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) serve an important role for the aviation community by examining applicants for pilot certificates when FAA employed examiners are not available. While the FAA strives to ensure...
  9. PeterNSteinmetz

    Logging requirements for taking a CFI checkride?

    This is related to my other thread on lesson plans. But I am trying to figure out now exactly what is required to be logged to take a CFI checkride. 61.183 seems to list the eligibility requirements, which include the endorsements on training in specific knowledge areas and flight operations...
  10. IK04

    Checkrides cost how much? Really?

    After chatting with a few local professional pilot types recently, I learned how much DPEs are charging for flight tests. I also learned that if a person can give Airplane and Helicopter evals, they will go right to the top of the waiting list for DPE applicants... I am now seriously...
  11. B

    FAA Piggyback and government shutdown

    Hi everyone, I was trying to complete the foreign license verification process (EASA to FAA), last step should have been on the 22nd of Jan with my nicely arranged appointment with an FSDO but government shutdown struck and it’s still in place, so the FSDOs are still closed. Since I’ll be...
  12. mtaylor

    Five months waiting for a checkride

    Since I was a little boy I have wanted to fly. Either I didn't have the money or the time. At age 55 I finally had both the money and the time. The only thing left is a checkride. As the title says I have been waiting 5 months for a checkride. Finally yesterday I told my CFI and the school that...
  13. D

    Any experience with sport pilot FAA examiners?

    I'm on my 3rd cancelled check ride due to weather since Jan. The only DPE in the area books 8 weeks out and already has 7 people on standby so I'm looking at June for my next try so I'm getting desperate to get this done. I've read that the FAA folks tend to be 'by the numbers, exactly by the...
  14. B

    DPE initials

    How do i know if a dpe can give initial checkrides?
  15. R

    DPE recommendations in Austin

    Hello new guy here. About to schedule my checkride in Austin, have a couple recommendations for DPEs (from CFIs), but none from actual students who flew with them. Anyone here do a checkride recently in Austin or nearby? Looking for any feedback, good or bad. Thanks in advance
  16. blurceo

    New PTS Standards-Review

    I had my IR check ride yesterday and the oral part was under the new PTS. Which I have been training and studying for the old under the impression I would be tested on it. Well my CFI was wrong on that and I got to do the new PTS. In general it’s what everyone said it was going to be. More...