1. Metolor

    EASA to FAA PPL validation

    Hi everyone! In a few months time I'm heading to the States for a couple weeks (NY area). I currently hold a EASA PPL. Going to what we could call the GA paradise, I've thought it'd be a good idea to get a validation to rent a plane and do a few hours there just for pure pleasure. I just have a...
  2. Jorge Martínez

    Upholstery Work.

    I am new to the forum I own an upholstery shop I do custom work on cars, boats furniture, commercial and residential, and I would like to start working on aircraft seats I want to know if I need a license or FAA certification, if so where can I get it ?
  3. J


  4. M

    Old PPL training hours for sport pilot license?

    I did around 20 hours PPL training before 9/11-twin towers event, which closed the cheap flight school I was using, and maybe a couple of hours a few times in the following years on a 3d class ticket. However, I have kept up with learning, etc., via reading and flight simulator. Would hours...
  5. H

    I got a DUI.

    I'm SPL. I got a DUI last November. And I'm not convicted yet. My attoney delaying my court. My BAC was 0.16% but my attoney try to reduce under 0.15%. If I report to FAA. Can I get a License? PPL, IR, CPL ?