1. Penguinforce

    Commercial Privileges Scenario Question

    My friend is currently training for her commercial pilot certificate and asked me a question about her specific case in terms of if it would be legal to fly as a commercial pilot in a part 91 flight. I wasn’t too sure and now I’m genuinely curious what you all think of it as well. So here’s the...
  2. Ralph Aviles

    Does this flight count for the Comm 300/250NM long XC?

    Does this flight count for the Commercial 300NM/250NM leg long XC day long XC? Flight: KDYB->KFLO->KVQQ->KSGJ - Conditions: IFR, VMC, same day, no overnight, 4.7 hrs total - Leg #1: 73 NM: KDYB->KFLO (Full stop, re-fuel) - Leg #2: 261 NM: KFLO->KVQQ (Touch and Go) - Leg #3: 32 NM...
  3. J

    Suggestions on commercial and CFI

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. Im looking for suggestions and opinions on finishing my commercial and CFI. Long back story on me. Im from St louis MO. Which is where I did my private in 2015 and instrument last year. Im now working on my commercial and CFI initial. I was a automotive mechanic...
  4. SkyCat

    Crippling training anxiety

    Hi all, I have a weird one. Has anyone else suffered terrible nerves and anxiety leading-up to your training flights? I feel like every lesson is it’s own checkride for how anxious I get! I’m working on my Commercial Single after many stops and starts over the past decade, and don’t EVER...
  5. P

    Initial Commercial Multi Night Requirements

    Hey y’all So I’m working on my initial commercial multi and trying to discern the regs. Yet again two meis have differing opinions. The 2 hour day night xc that is required per 61.129 says training flight. However, does this mean it can be done as duties of PIC and the MEI can sign off on it...
  6. L

    Trying to figure out best next steps for IR and Commercial

    Hey all, Trying to figure out the best way to get my ratings for my plans. Currently have my private and 130 hours. 15 in a chancellor 414 and 15 in a cj1. Those 30 hours are dual received with a buddy who flies corporate (he is an MEI so perfectly legal). Planning to knock out my instrument...
  7. MulePilot

    Low Time Alaska Flying Opportunites?

    Hi all. I've been researching potential employers for once I've finished my Com. single and multi, and have fallen in love with Alaska. I learned of an opportunity flying Aztecs and 172s for a survey outfit based in Anchorage, called JAV Imagery, and I am intrigued as to what else is out there...
  8. Trever Oakes

    C172 RG Retractable Gear System

    Hello everyone! I am in the middle of commercial, and just about to get my complex endorsement. I have been flying the 172RG. I'm pretty solid with the CS Prop, but the landing gear system is still a little unclear to me. Using the diagram in the systems section of the POH. Can somebody help...
  9. A

    Flight club at FFC (Atlanta area)

    I have several airplanes available in Atlanta area. Please contact me if you are interested. At present I have Cirrus SR20 (Gen 2) at LZU, Cessna 150 and 152 at WDR, Cessna 172 at CVC, Piper Cherokee 180 at Lenora, Piper Cherokee 180 and Piper Apache Geronimo Conversion at FFC. I can lease out...
  10. MulePilot

    Beginning Multi Training

    Hey guys, A while back I had posted a thread looking for opinions on whether to pursue my commercial certificate in a G1000 172S, or in a steam gauge B58, before moving to corporate aviation. Overwhelming, the response was to feed two engines over the magenta line. I want to thank everyone who...
  11. MulePilot

    Beginning Multi Training

    Hey guys, A while back I had posted a thread looking for opinions on whether to pursue my commercial certificate in a G1000 172S, or in a steam gauge B58, before moving to corporate aviation. Overwhelming, the response was to feed two engines over the magenta line. I want to thank everyone...
  12. A

    CFI for flight school

    Hello, Please let me know if you are a CFI or you know a CFI who is interest in joining flight school in south east side of Atlanta. Thanks.
  13. I

    Advice on becoming a commercial pilot.

    Hello. I have wanted to fly my entire life, and it is something that I have wanted to do for a living for as long as I can remember. I got my private pilot certificate about 5 years ago but had to stop flying because I was not able to afford it. I am still not able to afford to fly...
  14. S

    Start CFI training when finishing up Commercial?

    Hello, I’m finishing up my commercial rating and I’m 40 away from the 250 needed. I’ve been curious and tried find out today but couldn’t. Can I start a CFI training course while finishing up my commercial license? Or would I need to finish up my commercial then take CFI training? I’m just...
  15. Aviator_VanLan

    US Sport Aircraft vs American Flyers - KADS

    Good Afternoon, I am considering these two flight schools in the Dallas area. I plan to continue my training beginning with Instrument and continuing until CFII-MEI. Have any of y'all attended these schools or heard about them? I know 3 pilots who attended American Flyers in Tx but nobody from...
  16. R

    I have my CPL... now what?

    So I just got my commercial multi certificate (comm single is coming by the end of this week) and I'm curious if y'all have any ideas of who/where to fly--countries, companies, etc.? I'm planning on finishing up my CFI, CFII, and MEI, but I would prefer to do some 135 type flying as opposed to...
  17. R

    Post CPL Options & Recommendations?

    So it's official... I'm giving up my corporate finance job to attend ATP flight school and get my multi/instrument ratings and CPL. In about 4 months I'll have some big decisions to make regarding whether I want to be an instructor, look for a 135 job, try to get on with an asian airline, or...
  18. forseth11

    Part 135 Maintenance Questions

    Hello friends. I am currently writing a business plan for a part 135 operation. I am a pilot, so I know and understand the rules for pilots in part 91 and part 135, but I know about nothing about part 135 maintenance requirements. My operation would consist of planes with 9 seats or less and...
  19. Danimal

    Best route for long XC from KVGT

    What is the best route of flight to fulfil the commercial cross country requirement CFR 61.129 (a)(4)(i) from KVGT (North Las Vegas) in a Cessna 172 with standard tanks?
  20. C

    Commercial and CFI test at the same time?

    I have read on forums that one should study and take both the commercial and CFI written exams at the same time. I have also read that Sheppard Air comes highly recommended. I just called Sheppard Air, and they will not sell me two modules. They will only sell one and the reason is that...