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Oct 25, 2018
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Hey guys,
A while back I had posted a thread looking for opinions on whether to pursue my commercial certificate in a G1000 172S, or in a steam gauge B58, before moving to corporate aviation. Overwhelming, the response was to feed two engines over the magenta line. I want to thank everyone who gave their 2 cents; I read every reply.
Now, since I’m doubling my powerplants, I’d like to hear any advice you all may have. Good, bad, scary, I’ll take it all. What have you learned, what would you do different, what to watch out for...etc.
In case you haven’t seen the other thread or want to look over it, I’ll post it right here. Thanks to all.

Edit: In case there was some confusion, I’ll be training in a B58 Baron.
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Make sure your legs are in good shape. A lot of multi training is done using one engine.

Landing with one engine inop is not that big of a deal. And for some reason I seem to do a better ILS with one engine inop...:lol:

Airspeed is life on one engine, don't get too slow.

It is all good, a few more systems to learn but for someone going commercial it is just part of it. Have fun.!!
What twin engine airplane type are you taking your training in?
Do some serious chair flying to learn the procedures. Or you can burn 250-$300 an hour to take longer to learn them :)
Commit the numbers and emergency procedures in the POH to memory.

Have fun and enjoy!