1. cprenaveau

    Seeking Clarification: AGI and IGI Certifications on a Single Card?

    Having successfully passed my IGI and FOI exams, I'm ready to present my scores to a DPE for my cert. But I've hit a slight snag: my FOI exam is nearing its expiration. Naturally, I want to secure my scores before that happens. A question has been lingering on my mind: if I possess both AGI and...
  2. J

    First plane

    Hello! I’m looking to get my pilots certificate and would like to buy an airplane now so I have no limitation on scheduling and have a plane to fly around in when I get it. What would make a better first airplane purchase. The two planes I’ve narrowed it down to are a Piper Cherokee 140/160...
  3. overdrive148

    The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) - New FAA Drone Exam

    The FAA just released the TRUST a few hours ago (The Recreational UAS Safety Test). If you fly any drone recreationally, you should take this test and get this certificate - even if you have a Part 107. The test: Is 100% free Takes 30 minutes Cannot be failed Does not expire or require a...
  4. Max P

    Approved for special issuance but lifetime monitoring... feeling really bummed out

    Hi all, I am hoping for any advice or input from you all on this... TLDR: Haven't been seen for 15 years for a diagnosis I had as a young child, now (seemingly) have to be seen for the rest of my life every six months if I want to maintain my medical certificate. When I was around 7 or 8 I...
  5. B

    Got my First Class Medical after Personality Disorder misdiagnosis!

    Hello friends! Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to "Dr Lou" Louis B. Fowler! Drove to him all the way from Texas to Florida two years ago with a case of personality disorder misdiagnosis and supporting paperwork including two re-evaluations because I heard he was the man and he took care of...
  6. D

    Name not showing on FAA database

    I am trying to get back into flying but I could not see my name on the database. I was short of getting my PPL way back in 1992. I already took the written exam and all I needed was a few more hours before I could take my checkride. Is it possible that because of my PPL process was incomplete...
  7. MulePilot

    Beginning Multi Training

    Hey guys, A while back I had posted a thread looking for opinions on whether to pursue my commercial certificate in a G1000 172S, or in a steam gauge B58, before moving to corporate aviation. Overwhelming, the response was to feed two engines over the magenta line. I want to thank everyone...
  8. A

    Name Change Issues??

    Looking for some additional details about a problem I ran into. I recently married and had all my official documents (Driver's License, Passport, Social) all updated to my married name. My Airmen Certificate (PPL) still reflects my maiden name - the closest FSDO is an hour north and I'll have...