1. M

    First Class Medical with GAD and SSRI

    I need some opinions here. Just to disclose, I have not filled out MedExpress or gone through the actual examination. In 2019, I saw my pcp for anxiety issues that I was going through during my first years of high school. Now that I'm in college, I no longer experience these anxieties. I was...
  2. RockyPilot

    Depression and SSRI, but MISDIAGNOSED!!! Have I lost my medical for good??

    A little dramatic in the title, but after hearing my story you might understand. I am a pilot in the military and in 2018 I reported to medical with some issues. I was told nothing was wrong and sent on my way. This occurred every 4-6 months until 2020 when I was diagnosed with depression. I...
  3. T

    Ever received a medical after past history of Abilify?

    Long story short I had an extended moment of anxiety/OCd in my life and went to my doctor regarding it. I went through a few medications such as Xanax, Klonopin and eventually Abilify before I went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed Lexapro and Buspirone (to reduce side effects from Lexapro)...
  4. C

    Medical disqualification

    I received a letter from my HIMS psychiatric evaluation recommending medical disqualification after a dose increase while on SSRI program. How long does it take to receive the official disqualification from the FAA generally, or can I consider that letter the notification?
  5. C

    SSRI Dosage change

    ATC here. I went through the SSRI program and have been on medication (Lexapro 10mg) for 2 years. Recently, due to a recurrence of symptoms, my dose increased to 15mg then 20mg. I am now grounded UFA and flight surgeon said there's no timeline on what to expect. Anyone have any similar issues...
  6. J

    Board certified psychiatrist familiar with FAA process - in PA area

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I was on Zoloft (prescribed by physician for anxiety) for more than 5 years. Got off medication 6 months ago under physicians guidance. Never seen a psychiatrist. Would like to consult a board certified psychiatrist for evaluation, before starting the...
  7. B

    Sport license while waiting for a class 3

    I'm currently taking an SSRI which I plan to ramp down over the next couple of months. Based on some consultations with people more knowledgable than me I believe I will be able to pass a third class medical 60 days after the cessation of treatment (no prior incidents, <1yr of treatment, no...
  8. V

    Short usage of SSRI

    Hi, I have a question regarding question 18.m on the MedExpress: “Mental disorders of any sort: depression, anxiety, etc.” In the beginning of 2021, several family members/close friends where diagnosed with cancer in a short period. at that time, I developed some kind of “fear” to get...
  9. kath

    FAQ: Depression, Anxiety, and SSRI's

    We get a lot of questions in this forum about SSRI's and depression/anxiety diagnoses, and how (or if!) one can navigate the FAA medical system with them... I have picked a few hopefully useful threads from the recent past on the topic. If you've got a question about these issues, I recommend...
  10. Doug Ventura

    SSRI Decision Path 1 - Guidance and/or experience

    Hello All, I am hoping to gain insight from all of you experienced pilots. I'm a student pilot going for 3rd Class. I was on Lexapro for 2.3 years for general anxiety for the pressures of life: Kids moving away; new wife; stressful job. Didn't really need it, but doc recommended it. I stopped...
  11. A

    Good HIMS AME recommendations in Wisconsin/Illinois

    Hello all, I am going to pursue getting my class 3 medical, however, I will need a HIMS AME due to OCD/SSRI use. I’m looking for a good HIMS near the southern 1/2 of Wisconsin or the northern 1/2 of Illinois that will fight for me and guide me down the path to success. I have contacted Dr...
  12. L

    Question about anti depressant/anxiety

    Hello, everyone. New here but been lurking the forum. I am looking to hopefully start PPL training soon and starting to research the 3rd Class Medical requirements. In April 2020, due to the pandemic and social isolation, I went to my Primary Care Doctor. He quickly diagnosed mild seasonal...
  13. D

    SSRI continue or stop?

    Wondering if anyone could provide me with some advice. I am currently on SSRI (escitalopram). Been on same dose for >7 years. Prior to that, a depression episode about 7 years previous at uni which had me on sertraline for about 12 months. I have been intending to come off the SSRI as the...
  14. lbfjrmd

    does the depression dog wag the rudder?

    working with a 3rd class renewal - airman presented taking Celexa. We began the HIMS process after being given the FAA go ahead. Appointments made etc. Airman then elected to stop said medication and reapply. I advised him to remain off the drug for 2 months and return. Upon return 6 months...
  15. S

    Medical Exam question (mental health related)

    Hello I'm about to go for my medical clearance again; I got one in 2014,first class,when I first came to the US for pilot training. I had stopped and started back up with my training due to some issues with finances and communications. Since I've been in the US I've been diagnosed with social...