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    I have a question regarding question 18.m on the MedExpress: “Mental disorders of any sort: depression, anxiety, etc.”

    In the beginning of 2021, several family members/close friends where diagnosed with cancer in a short period.

    at that time, I developed some kind of “fear” to get cancer as well. I went to my physician to have a chat about it. From time to time I was worrying about it at night, thinking that innocent things where a tumor, etc.. I had those thoughts when I was laying in bed.

    He proposed SSRI medication to me.

    I took this medication for a few months because I was curious if it would do anything for me.

    While time progressed I learned to deal with the situation and came to the conclusion that I do not want to continue the medication. Being confronted with people that have cancer helped me a lot.

    I have been off the medication for a while now and I don’t have a need at all for the medication, tbh, I don’t think I really needed it at all, but anyways.

    Can this be a disqualifying matter for a FAA medical class 1?

    Will I need some kind of report from my physician that states that I am fine or something? I never went to a psychologist, FYI.

    I have my medical exam very soon. Do I post the above in the 18.m field or can I mention it before the Physical exam to my AME so we can sort it out verbally?

    Thank you in advance!
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    GPs have no business prescribing psychoactive drugs. Going on and off an SSRI is something that shouldn't be done casually.

    There's nothing right now the FAA will accept that says you're sane other than from a HIMS psych. They never bought into the "I see no reason why the guy shouldn't fly" diagnosis anyhow even when they accepted reports from board-certified psychiatrists.
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    Bruce C
    To the OP, this requires complete review of the AME can issue this in the office.