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Mar 24, 2021
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Hello all,

I am going to pursue getting my class 3 medical, however, I will need a HIMS AME due to OCD/SSRI use. I’m looking for a good HIMS near the southern 1/2 of Wisconsin or the northern 1/2 of Illinois that will fight for me and guide me down the path to success. I have contacted Dr. Bruce and while I would absolutely love for him to be my HIMS on this, he is not accepting new patients. I have contacted a couple of other HIMS but I certainly do not get that warm, fuzzy feeling I got when speaking with Dr. Bruce. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there such a thing as doing this remotely with a HIMS far away? I just really want someone who will give me my best shot.
Ugh... welcome to a self induced problem. FAA decided to go HIMS AME for life, but don’t really see incentives for new HIMS AMEs. So what he have is a giant game of musical chairs...

The only guy I know in your area is going with a Doc in Atlanta...

But he is taking new patients, and is effective.
Is there such a thing as doing this remotely with a HIMS far away?

I'm going through HIMS for a different reason than you and my HIMS AME is a 4 hour drive on a good-weather day. We met in person once in November when he took me on and have since had monthly telehealth visits. For any testing I've had to do (HIMS neuropsych), that's been in person.

My understanding is that you'd be required to visit your HIMS AME at least once (perhaps more) so the idea of doing it completely remote is likely impossible.
I see Dr Bruce and live almost 600nm away. Twice a year, in person. I know you said he is not taking on new patients...but the point is, if you are able to find a GOOD one who can take you on, the travel should be the least of your concerns. How much money is time and money worth to you? You could settle on a closer/lesser AME...but plan on spending longer, with MUCH more frustration, and unknowns, and in the long run, money.

My advice is to retain the best one you can find. The guys on here know which AMEs are worth the drive/flight. My SI took 7 months with arguably the best AME in the country for SI’s...I can’t imagine how long it would have taken with a “local” guy.
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