1. U

    SSRI Deferral/Round 2 Application for Class 3 Medical

    Hi, I got on zoloft back in 2020, coming out of Covid, for stress/anxiety related to the presentation and "public" speaking demands of my job. Prior to being prescribed zoloft I was self medicating with alcohol in the evenings, which admittedly was a habit that got worse during lockdown. I did...
  2. G

    FAA changes name of Antidepressant Protocol to...

    Today the FAA published the newest AME guide and made some big updates to the depression/antidepressant protocol. In addition to three new antidepressants [duloxetine (Cymbalta) venlafaxine (Effexor), desvenlafaxine (Pristiq)] being added to the 'conditionally approved' (requires special...
  3. G

    Fact or Fiction: FAA Continues to Remove Barriers/Reduce Stigma for Mental Illness in Pilots

    Clearly, many pilots are frustrated with the FAA's policy on history of mental health conditions (primarily ADHD & depression/anxiety). But there have been many changes in the last few years that seem to be removing barriers and reducing stigma in the area of mental health. A few examples: *...
  4. D

    Continue flying while medical under review.

    I sent my DUI information packet in late August 2023, and my medical has been under review since then. It seems like it going to take an eternity until they finally come back with an answer. My medical is still currently valid from what I understand so I am wondering if I should start working on...
  5. E

    HIMS abuse versus dependence and step down plan

    First, I would like to say I take full responsibility for my actions and ownership of the fact the flying is a privilege. I want to keep this as detailed but short as possible so here are the details: DUI 2016 with .18 BAC which was then expunged, applied for 3rd class medical with HIMS AME...
  6. bigbird

    HIMS study by National Academy of Science just out in pre-publication. Must Read!

    By the way everyone ever involved in HIMS should read the congressionally mandated study just out by Senator Jeanne Shaheen's office in NH. It is not out in print yet but an advanced copy is available here: https://nap.nationalacademies.org/c...-programs-in-commercial-aviation-safety-first read...
  7. O


    What are the pros and cons on using Soberlink(which is not a requirement on letter from FAA) in addition to the required 14 urine ETG and 10 drug panel in 12 month period?
  8. T

    Ever received a medical after past history of Abilify?

    Long story short I had an extended moment of anxiety/OCd in my life and went to my doctor regarding it. I went through a few medications such as Xanax, Klonopin and eventually Abilify before I went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed Lexapro and Buspirone (to reduce side effects from Lexapro)...
  9. A

    Class 1 Medical

    Hi everyone, New to the Aviation world! I went and got my Class 1 Medical by an AME and was deferred. I made a mistake and didn't report everything i should (I know, stupid). Now i would like to re-submit a application with all the information that the FAA needs. I have history with Anxiety...
  10. Frank Castle

    Hims for life?

    So I am in hims and just trying to get a straight answer, is it monitoring for life or 8 years? The whole experience has been horrible and just trying to figure out how long this goes on.
  11. W


  12. Punchy

    100% Permanent & Total

    Hi folks. New member from Fort Worth here. I retired from the military a couple yrs ago and I’m looking to start flight school. Before I try to get a medical cert I figured I’d see whether anyone has experienced the FAA issuing a Special Issuance for a vet who’s been given a 100% P&T rating...
  13. A

    Trans + Past Adjustment Disorder = HIMS???

    Here's the situation I'm in: - first-time medical, going for 3rd class med, long term goal is to get Basic Med and continue under that indefinitely - trans, a little under 5 years on hormones - prior diagnosis of "adjustment disorder with anxiety" (subtype of adjustment disorder, coded 309.24...
  14. A

    Good HIMS AME recommendations in Wisconsin/Illinois

    Hello all, I am going to pursue getting my class 3 medical, however, I will need a HIMS AME due to OCD/SSRI use. I’m looking for a good HIMS near the southern 1/2 of Wisconsin or the northern 1/2 of Illinois that will fight for me and guide me down the path to success. I have contacted Dr...
  15. A

    HIMS lawsuits

    Is anyone aware of any lawsuits, ongoing or past, against the HIMS program? I am aware of one by a United pilot for forcing people to attend AA on the basis that it is a religious program that violates his religious beliefs. I am referring more to people being wrongly being denied a medical...
  16. M

    Will I be required to do the HIMS program?

    Hello, I have a 3rd class medical and I will have it till 2024. I got a dui last year. The dui didn’t involve and accident or injury. I blew a .15 and a .13. I understand that the .15 is over the level for a regular AME to issue a medical. I am confused whether I will be required to do HIMS. I...
  17. PeterNSteinmetz

    Common FAA medical questions and information page

    I am pleased to provide a link to a new set of pages I have put up on my website which attempt to provide basic information regarding the process of obtaining an FAA medical, some of the issues with difficult cases, and answers to commonly asked questions...
  18. K

    Support Group for HIMS

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of a support group for HIMS patients, or would be interested in starting one (or multiple, since there are different reasons for HIMS placement). Particularly after reading "Resigning from HIMS", I think many people in the HIMS program feel the same as I do...
  19. L


    I am looking for some advice. I have been a medevac helicopter pilot for over 15 years. Prior to that flew in the National Guard and also have a private license for a small aircraft. 2 years ago at the beginning of a 7 day off stretch on Patricks Day I had an error in judgment and drove home...
  20. F


    10 months ago I voluntarily stopped flying and started the HIMS path toward a SI. My medical has never been revoked, suspended, or denied. My HIMS AME has performed a first class medical exam. I passed the first class medical however it was then deferred, pending the FAA approval process...