1. F

    Buying a plane from Alaska

    Hello, I am looking at buying a plane from Alaska, and as I have never been there nor know anyone there. I want to know what Alaska planes are to be expected of, is it like buying one from Montana where it’s a relatively dry climate and not much corrosion to deal with? Is it even worth buying...
  2. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  3. S

    Plane for my mission (in combo with Tesla???)

    I've nearly completed my PPL. Looking for the right airplane to purchase. Weekly round trip Denver to Wichita (360nm one way) PPL in PA-28s Not keen on experimental (crashed twice as kid, one of which killed Dad) Will fly VFR until IFR obtained I'm tall. Short legs, long torso. Like, extra...
  4. 8

    B/T first time plane purchase 206 / 210

    Hi all! I’m sure this is covered somewhere here but haven’t seen my issue specifically and don’t want my first purchase to be a dud. I am a relatively new pilot and training my IFR now. I spend so much on planes I’m figuring a purchase is in order. My issue with most planes is I’m 6’6” and...
  5. F

    Airplane purchase process

    I do not fully understand the process for purchasing an airplane. I have created this list based on what I've been reading online. I don't understand how to accomplish step 5, do I need attorney ? And how is step 8 is accomplished ? 1. Airplane Appraisal a. AOPA VREF 2. Contact seller...
  6. R

    Asset-Based Lenders

    Let me start by saying, I'm not soliciting financial advice ;) Has anyone used/does anyone have recommendations of a lender that does asset-based financing vs credit-based? TIA
  7. alaskan9974

    Cessna 120/140 yay or nay?

    I've been looking for a second plane, was looking at 4 seaters but a 120 caught my eye. Love the lines of it, and its got a new o200 sitting up front. Purchase price is easy on the wallet, mechanic said they're dirt simple, whats the catch with them? Never flown one, or sat in one unless a 150...
  8. InterXtra

    Want To Buy Savage Aircrafts & Engines

    Looking for turboprop and jet aircrafts and engines on salvage condition to teardown and part out. Also considering inventories for sale. Ready to buy. lsanders@jetsupport.com Regards.
  9. Archimago

    The search continues...

    So I have been actively looking for my first plane for while now and have finally settled on a Grumman AA5. I joined the Grumman Gang and have received great assistance. I have a handful of planes that I am considered with another pilot. There are two planes that are the same price. One plane...
  10. wheaties

    bare aluminum in the north east

    Given the prevalence of salt during the winter months up in the northeast of the country, what would it take to maintain a 182 that was 80% bare aluminum? Assume it's flown 2x a week regardless of season and kept in a hangar. Reason I'm asking is that, given the quotes from the various shops it...
  11. J

    Need a mechanic for a pre-buy inspection C150

    Looking for someone to do an independent pre-buy inspection/annual for a C150 near Sioux city, IA. I'm also interested in a plane located in Onsted, MI. Anyone recommended?
  12. Jake B

    Grumman Purchase

    Hi all, First post in here actually. A buddy and I are looking to purchase an airplane to do some time building in, get some real world experience, etc. We've pretty much settled on a Grumman, as it seems to be a pretty safe and economical airplane. We're down to 2 airplanes: an AA1A and an...
  13. ujocka

    Purchase Cessna 150 or Cherokee 140?

    I am looking to purchase my first plane. I currently have CPL/SEL/MEL/IR. My mission is purely the enjoyment of flight, and to build hours in the process in the most economical way. Criteria: -No more than $25k for purchase. -VFR only preferred (simplicity and less to maintain) -Tricycle gear...
  14. Wesley Bryant

    Cessna 150H Purchase

    I am looking at purchasing a Cessna 150H. Aviation financing is horrendously difficult to obtain for low priced models and this seller is willing to do owner carried financing. Just because hes willing to do it, doesn't mean I'm just going to jump ship and purchase the thing. It doesn't look...
  15. R

    MyPilotStore.com Review

    Anyone ever purchase anything from mypilotstore.com? I'm about to purchase a headset and sporty's doesn't take American Express. Given Amex's customer service, it's tough for me to make such a big purchase on a debit card. Just want to make sure the site is reputable before I give them way...
  16. B

    Confused about used aircraft prices

    I'm looking at buying a used family aircraft within the next 2 years. In starting my research I set out my requirements as follows: 1. Carry 4 adults plus weekend baggage 2. Piston powered. 3. Easy maintenance/ good parts availability. (I'm an A&P) 4. IFR grade panel/equipment 5. Max price...