1. Adam Sipe

    Podcast Interview: Citation Mustang Owner Wanted!

    Hello POA members, We are looking for an owner of a Citation Mustang to be a guest on our aviation podcast - Airplane Intel Podcast, the aviation show about the ins and outs of aircraft ownership. Our owner interviews typically consist of our guest sharing their perspectives, stories, and...
  2. Adam Sipe

    Mooney Owners Wanted

    Hello POA members, My name is Adam. I'm a pilot, A&P, and host of an aviation podcast for aircraft owners. I'm looking for a Mooney owner that is interested in doing a short audio interview to share their experiences about what it's like to own a Mooney for an upcoming podcast episode. We...
  3. Piloto

    My Mile High Instructor

    My Mile High instructor on my BFR. She always keep me a breast on the latest techniques.:)
  4. e.pie

    wrong forum

    wrong forum, please delete
  5. denverpilot

    Doug's Birthday

    We haven't done a podcast in who knows how long (but I do keep paying the LibSyn bill in hopes of someday reviving it)... But we're all still flyin'. Doug turned 50 and his wife sent him up with Dagmar in her Pitts as his birthday present today. Dear Doug, you suck. Love, PoA (and the Mile...
  6. hopmedic

    Episode 87 - Deadstick Takeoff

    OOPS Sorry, posted in wrong forum!
  7. denverpilot

    The Podcast & This Section on POA

    So... Originally this section was meant to be our new "official" chat area about the podcast. Sadly, I got too busy with the new job, Doug got too busy with CAP and kid stuff, Zyola got too busy with going back to college at Metro State, and Mike and Elisabeth ... well, they are doing great...
  8. T

    capt DAVE

    HELLO, friends i need your help. i have been looking for an old friend who was last in waco or mcgregor texas. his name is DAVE COMSTOCK SMITH. CD, if anyone knows him please tell him OH TRAV has lost his info and [please call me at 219-616-1345. Any one who may know him i would really...
  9. EdFred

    Oh this should be good...

    :eek: :eek:
  10. DaveFlys

    Episode 63 - Underground Aviation Seminar

    Hey folks, Episode 63 of The Pilot's Flight PodLog has been posted! This episode is special because it was recorded before a live online audience. Jason Schappert of MzeroA.com invited us to join him in the Underground Aviation Seminar, a 5-night event that focused on different aspects...
  11. DaveFlys

    Episode 62 - Alex Solos!

    Hey folks, Episode 62 of The Pilot's Flight PodLog has been posted! I am just now getting around to posting the thread for this episode, so I apologize for the delay. This week on The Pilot’s Flight PodLog we welcome our friend Alex back into the virtual hangar. Big news for Alex: he...
  12. t0r0nad0

    Meet Up at Palo Alto Airport Tonight!!!

    Hey Everyone, I'm meeting up with Pilot Will this evening at 6:00 PDT at the West Valley Flying Club at Palo Alto Airport (KPAO). From there, we will decide where to go to grab a bite to eat and some libations. Anyone else want to come meet up with us and tell tall tales about flying?
  13. CFIStew


    SHOW NOTES: http://www.pilotsjourney.com/blog/ New episode is up, we are joined by Paul Tocknell creator of ASKACFI.com Use this thread for comments or questions and remarks.
  14. DaveFlys

    Underground Aviation Seminar

    For those of you who haven't heard, Will and I have huge news! We have been invited to participate in Jason Schappert’s Underground Aviation Seminar! The seminar is a 5-day event. Each evening will feature a different speaker with a different subject. Will and I are going to record a LIVE...
  15. t0r0nad0

    Bay Area Week of Nov 1

    Hey everyone, I'm heading back out to the San Francisco Bay Area the first week of November. I fly out there the morning of Monday, November 1 and return the afternoon of Friday, November 5. Would anyone like to get together for a little meetup? I had a good time hanging out with Will last...
  16. DaveFlys

    Episode 61 - Virgin America Chief Pilots

    Hey folks, Episode 61 of The Pilot's Flight PodLog has been posted! On this episode, we start by getting a not-so short update of the progress of the Flight For the Human Spirit. Michael and Michele Combs join us in to tell the story of the trip from from Wilmington, Virginia to California...
  17. flyingcheesehead


    I saw Dave! He's right there! -> Everyone welcome David Allen, one of the nicest and most enthusiastic people in aviation and co-host of the PFPL to PoA. He calls himself DaveFlys. I'm so happy to see him not lurking that I won't pester him about how it should be spelled "DaveFlies." :D
  18. CFIStew

    EPISODE 23 "Slow Consistant Let Down" Discussion

    This Thread is to discuss EP 23 of PJP. Link to episode show notes: http://www.pilotsjourney.com/blog/ We discussed Cross Country Flying, Cessna 206s, Alliance Airshow, and BBQ!