Episode 62 - Alex Solos!

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    Hey folks,

    Episode 62 of The Pilot's Flight PodLog has been posted!

    I am just now getting around to posting the thread for this episode, so I apologize for the delay.

    This week on The Pilot’s Flight PodLog we welcome our friend Alex back into the virtual hangar. Big news for Alex: he recently soloed an airplane for the very first time! Bravo Zulu, Alex! We talk about his solo flight, a few trips around the pattern, a few really bad landings, and one particularly idiotic move on takeoff. Will also talks about his trip to the Red Bull Air Races in New York City.

    The full shownotes are available here: http://www.pilotsflightpodlog.com/news/podcast/pfp-62-alex-solos/

    A direct download to the show audio is available here: PFP__62_Alex_Solos.mp3

    Clear skies!