1. H

    Kit storage time

    Hi folks. I want to build a plane someday (not decided on the brand yet) but was wondering for how long can the crates be stored?. Since kit prices are always coming up, I'm considering to order now and store it for a 3-5 year period. Is that too much? What could be the risk of storing for that...
  2. S

    Pilots Needed For Survey!!!

    Hello everyone! I am conducting a quick aviation survey for my AP Research class. To qualify, you must be a pilot (student pilots included!!) in the United States who is 18 or older. You will be asked questions about your attitudes towards aviation and how the economic impacts of the COVID-19...
  3. I

    A&P Work While Building Hours

    Hello! I’m new to this forum but wanted to post to get some insight from people more experienced in the industry. I’m currently enrolled in a 12 month A&P course and am planning on finding work for an airline after graduating, then work on gaining flight hours during off time while doing A&P...
  4. H

    Pilots leaving their plane full of passangers

    https://www.huffpost.com/entry/alaska-airlines-flight-delayed-after-2-pilots-fight_n_62d85417e4b06e213fba4578 Due to a "professional disagreement". A big one, I guess..
  5. H

    Hi guys, what's this?

    Saw it on the bottom of a Luscombe 8A currently for sale: Thanks in advance
  6. H

    So, how often do you yell/curse to your plane?

    Any particular memory of a plane/flight that made you lose your ****e?
  7. H

    Let's build a panel

    I'm bored guys. Let's build a panel together. I was thinking either a PA-28 or a C-172 but open to suggestions. I will add the suggested instruments to the template. I prefer steam gauges, but we can add glass if you want. I was also thinking "Light" IFR but maybe we can do a VFR and an IFR...
  8. Daleandee

    IFR Challenge & Register to Win a 3-monitor flight simulator

    I'm not IFR rated but this was quite interesting. Take a look and register to win a flight simulator. All they asked for was an email address. https://pilotworkshop.com/win-sim-ifrm-032022/
  9. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  10. H

    There's such thing as too many Airframe hours right?

    Searching for an hour (confidence) builder plane, I came to this one: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/206079693/1979-cessna-172n-skyhawk-piston-single-aircraft A 79' C172N with 14.500 total airframe hours. Probably from a flight school. I'm not interested on buying it but I got...
  11. H

    So, Textron just bought Pipistrel

    https://investor.textron.com/news/news-releases/press-release-details/2022/Textron-to-Acquire-Electric-Aircraft-Pioneer-Pipistrel/default.aspx What are your thoughts here guys? Good news or bad news for us aviators? A remake of the Skycatcher?
  12. H

    How long it took you to fly with your loved ones?

    Hi guys. Even if a PPL will legally allow you to carry passengers right after you get it, how long it took you to feel confident enough to bring your loved ones on board? Did you established a number of total hours or any other particular achievements while flying solo in order to take the decision?
  13. AKA~Naked Jailer

    Sport and DUI

    I have logged a whole 2.9 hours of flight time on my way to my PPL, when my instructor told me that I should work on my medical, He said, "you never know what will come up, it might take you 3 months to a year to get it". That's when I found out that my DUI from 4 years ago was a problem. I...
  14. H

    Buy/build a new Experimental or an get an old GA and refurbish it?

    Hi folks. With today's prices for new (and old!) GA planes, looks like the experimental/home built/LSA market is looking attractive. Yes, I know that I'm comparing apples to pineapples, but both will fly you places. I also know that some LSA/ELSA have price tags of 200K-300K and more (brand...
  15. L

    Any Pilots Open to Interview?

    Hey everyone, I'm a university student looking for pilots to interview. You see, my team and I are designing software to help reduce the time needed for pilots to acquire and process pre-flight info and we're trying to get as much feedback as possible during our design process. Any and all...
  16. P

    Checkride bust

    Checkride bust
  17. J

    Request to post my Survey link for my final year report research project.

    Hey guys , this might be the most random post you might ever see here but I am a student conducting a research on pilots and the struggles of covid 19, i have requested /asked many people through different platforms to fill the survey but had very less success . The survey is aimed to pilots and...
  18. L

    Breathalysing pilots

    I'm a university student conducting research on alcohol consumption and airline pilots (drunk flying) If you are an airline pilot, please take some time to answer these questions. these questions are for research purposes only. Any response will be useful. Thank you. Do pilots still attempt to...
  19. J

    First of 4 Pilots indicted for lying on Medical is Sentenced.

    GREGORY JAMES CHRISMAN was sentenced 09/15/2020 to two years probation, lost his pilot certificates and it's unemployed. Chrisman previously worked as a commercial pilot, and this prosecution arises from false statements that Chrisman made on medical certifications submitted to the Federal...
  20. J

    Possible 3rd-class Medical Certificate disqualification due to old diagnosis

    Good afternoon! I'm obviously new here so I kind of wanted to introduce myself first. My name is Josh! :) I'm currently 27 and I've been interested in flying my entire life, but only recently have I been able to get to pursue it! I've flown a couple of times before on trips. Actually got to fly...