multi engine

  1. C

    For Sale Multi-Engine Cross Country Training

    Multi=Engine cross country training by Riter Aviation, Nogales, AZ and SOCAL areas. I have just retired from corporate flying and I have a twin engine Piper Seneca II, PA-34-200T, six seater, glass cockpit, and with new interior. I would like to offer doing the advanced cross country...
  2. C

    Mexico Flying In Twin Engine Seneca II

    Hey guys! I am a 30 year FAA Gold Seal CFI with my own twin engine Seneca II. This is a six seater, turbo charged, with glass cockpit upgrade. I just retired from flying a King Air for a food company landing at dirt strips at the farms in Mexico. Anyone looking to build multi-engine time I...
  3. James Jourdonnais

    DA42 to Fly in Denver Area

    I’m looking for a DA42 to fly in the Denver area (CFO, BJC, APA, or any of the other airports in the area.) I got my multi engine rating at Midwest Corporate Air in Ohio, and I’ve been trying to find a place where I can fly one again. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. P

    Multi Engine Time Building

    Hi all, I'm located in Tulsa, OK. I have my Commercial Multi but need to build about 30 more hours of multi time to get to a job I'm wanting. I know Lease a Plane at KRVS has a seminole and I've flown it a couple hours. With an instructor, it is about $350 an hour. They won't let you rent it...
  5. P

    Initial Commercial Multi Night Requirements

    Hey y’all So I’m working on my initial commercial multi and trying to discern the regs. Yet again two meis have differing opinions. The 2 hour day night xc that is required per 61.129 says training flight. However, does this mean it can be done as duties of PIC and the MEI can sign off on it...
  6. N

    Multi Engine Time Building

    I am currently a CFII with 1000 hours TT. I am looking to build roughly 12-15 hours of multi time. I hold an MEL and currently have around 10 hours in a Piper Seneca 2. I am hoping to meet someone in a similar situation as me that would be willing to split the cost/time to make the cost a little...
  7. L

    Trying to figure out best next steps for IR and Commercial

    Hey all, Trying to figure out the best way to get my ratings for my plans. Currently have my private and 130 hours. 15 in a chancellor 414 and 15 in a cj1. Those 30 hours are dual received with a buddy who flies corporate (he is an MEI so perfectly legal). Planning to knock out my instrument...
  8. Twin_Flyer

    My latest flight video of flying the Outer Banks

    It was a 50 degree day in January. A beautiful day so what is an aviation nut to do. Go fly of course. I headed down the coast to the Outer Banks. Come along and enjoy the amazing views. All comments are welcome as I try to improve my skills. Thanks!!!
  9. B

    Flying goals. 100 types of aircraft.

    Hi everyone, my first post. I like to set challenging goals to learn new things, so in July 2019 I set a goal to get my pilots license. I had ONLY planned to get my PPL ASEL, worked hard at training and studying, and I passed my PPL checkride in early Oct 2019. BUT, I quickly got addicted to...
  10. L

    For Sale Partnership in Knoxville

    I am having sellers remorse. Sold the G5 SR22 because we are not flying as much. Would really like a partnership plane the must have is FIKI. Willing to consider many options. Husband has over 1000 PIC. Based in Knoxville, TN. Just looking for the right situation. Willing to consider Seneca...
  11. J

    “Affordable” Twins?

    Hi, In another thread, I asked about single engine six seaters. Someone suggested a twin, with the idea that if you could get in at a low price it would offset the higher mx and fuel costs and insurance. What I would like is to be able to carry my family of 4, just for fun trips here and...
  12. Martin Pauly

    Twin training - "The Drill" after losing one

    I'm going through multi-engine training right now, working with Doug Rozendaal in Mason City, IA. Really enjoying the experience and his style of teaching; a few things stood out as probably being good reminders for all ME pilots and useful introductions for new ones. Here is "the Drill" Doug...