1. L

    Asking for Advice on GPS Nav

    Plane is an older 172 - currently has two kx155 nav/coms in it Wanting to get it set up to use for some ifr training, on a budget of course These are the two options we are considering and would like to hear some others thoughts on one versus the other - 1) Add a 430w, FS210, cdi, remove one...
  2. easik

    Looking for a mobile avionics specialist in NC

    Hi, I'm looking for an avionics tech that is familar with Garmin avionics. If you are one or know of a reliable tech, please let me know. You can comment here or shoot me an email Thanks.
  3. F

    Garmin G5 Calibration Pitch Shows Nose High Level Flight

    FYI I have done my research but want to get feedback from people who have zeroed out pitch attitude in flight. This is a club plane. It is in hanger for annual, which I am teaching Instrument students. I asked our club maintenance, A&P / AI to adjust it so it reads level in cruise not 3 degrees...
  4. Maas885

    What avionics does my 182Q need to have for me to take a IFR check ride?

    Hello, I'm wanting to start my IFR training but need to do some upgrades to make my 182Q IFR check ride ready. Was hoping I could just pop a Garmin GPS 175 for now but I think I might have to do some other stuff to make it IFR Check ride ready? It is ADS-B out already and it was IFR certified...
  5. malcoholio

    G3x vs GTN750 'Recent Frequencies'

    Minor frustration with Garmin here. When looking at 'Recent Frequencies' on the G3x, it will show the designation of the frequency. (Tower, Approach, AWOS, etc.). The GTN, however, just shows the frequency. Not sure if there is a fix or I missed a configuration somewhere. Just annoying.
  6. L

    Garmin GNS 430 missing maps

    Hello, Recently purchased a liberty xl2 with a Garmin G430 in it. The maps are not displaying. Any idea what is needed to update this feature?
  7. N

    2 GPS Sources and 1 HSI

    Looking for a way to connect a 430W and a 375 to a King 525 HSI. The 430W is already connected to the HSI while the 375 is new to the stack. Been looking for some type of interface/switch that would work but “no joy” to date. Any thoughts??
  8. N

    Does the GTX-45r qualify as a Mode S xpndr w/ G3X + GNC355?

    I have a Garmin GTX-45r mounted behind my panel, controlled through the GDU-465 display in a G3X system. The ifr navigator is a GNC-355. Does the GTX-45r qualify as a mode-s in this install, and if so, what is the best way to make sure it is setup properly?
  9. A

    InReach Mini 2 and Foreflight?

    I have researched this, but there seems to be no information or it simply cannot be done. If I get a mini 2 I would like to pair with my Ipad (wifi only) and use the GPS from the Mini 2 to use Foreflight in my Ipad. Seems simple enough as it's my understanding the Ipad via BLUETOOTH should...
  10. T

    G500 non-Txi

    Is it worthwhile putting in a used g500 mfd/pfd. i would buy a g3x but it isnt available until late in the year and i have appointment now for a 750 i ordered in february. i just wanted to get feedback on getting a used g500 instead of going with 2 g5s instead? thanks
  11. C

    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...
  12. AirplanepilotJJ

    Garmin G5 with Garmin GMC 507

    Hello aviators, I'm planning on buying an aircraft a bit later this year, most aircraft in my price range has the original autopilot and/or an inop one. I've narrowed down to Garmin's GMC 507, how many GSA 28 servos do I need? If I got two G5s, can I remove the vacuum system, or do I need it as...
  13. flyerfocus

    Transponder on Garmin 430?

    Trying to get used to glass in the cockpit after being away for a few years. Does the 430 have the transponder built into it like (I think) the 9000 does? Thanks.
  14. R

    Garmin GTN650 + Bendix King Aerocruze problems

    Looking for a little guidance. My Cessna 182Q was just upgraded with a GTN650 and BK Aerocruze (Trutrak) autopilot. Plane has an original 6 pack with the exception of a GI-106A CDI. Before the install the avionics shop told me that this setup would be capable of performing GPSS approaches...
  15. Skepilot

    Building a Sling TSi in under 8 minutes

    I made short video of the building of my airplane, "One Alpha Mike," a Sling TSi. About a year's worth of work consolidated into less than 8 minutes. Many thanks to Evan Brunye for expert Build Assist!
  16. Captain Bubba

    182 Avionics upgrade

    Removed: Garmin GNC 300XL King KX-155 NAV/COM King KNS-80 RNAV (used as NAV1 LOC/GS and DME) Electric and vacuum AI gyros Vacuum gyro DG Dual CDIs King Intercom JPI EDM 700 head Vacuum pump Added: Left side instrument panel removed and replaced with new cutouts Old plastic cover on right side...
  17. imwithtuxedo

    Dual G5 or GI275 install cost estimates

    I know the difference between the G5 and GI275 units and their respective high and low points, such as having to keep my vacuum AI with the G5’s to run autopilot, but looking for cost estimates only with interfaces with common equipment to the below: Piper Cherokee 180E Avidyne 440 Piper...
  18. Penguinforce

    Back Passengers Muted When ATC is Talking

    We have a Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS and a Garmin GMA 350 Audio Panel equipped in our plane. The pilot and copilot can hear the back two passengers talking when there is no chatter on the frequency we are on but the second either another plane or ATC talks, whether to us or another plane, the back...
  19. Parker Cantrell

    Garmin 175/GI 106B CDI Install

    Hello All, Looking to update the panel in my '68 Cardinal to pursue my IR and beyond. Aircraft Spruce has a sale on the Garmin 175 (waas) /GI 106B CDI (vor, loc, GPS, glideslope). From my research, this is the most affordable/practical package for my mission. Have a KX-155 installed already...
  20. djmcfall

    For Sale RAM Suction cup mount for GPS296, 396, 496...

    All quality Ram, no knock off stuff. Sure mount Ram suction cup with 1" ball. 3' Ram extension fits 1' ball. Ram GPS mount with 1" ball, fits the following Garmin Map GPS models, 176,196,276,296,376,378,396,478,495, and 496. $38 + $8.75 shipping. djmcfall (at) yahoodotcom.