InReach Mini 2 and Foreflight?


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Jul 3, 2017
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I have researched this, but there seems to be no information or it simply cannot be done.
If I get a mini 2 I would like to pair with my Ipad (wifi only) and use the GPS from the Mini 2 to use Foreflight in my Ipad. Seems simple enough as it's my understanding the Ipad via BLUETOOTH should connect to the Mini 2 and therefore provide a GPS functionality in the Ipad
(any app that needs a GPS signal; i.e. Gaia Maps, foreflight, google maps, waze, etc... should work as well).

Somehow, since the mini is Garmin - only Earthmate and Garmin Pilot are advertised for this purpose. However, If I am going to pay $$$ I would like to use it for other things especially for any air, land, and sea functionality with the SOS.

Can anyone confirm this can be done? It's just simply not advertised?

Inreach provides GPS data in a proprietary (non-standard) format, which is why it works with Garmin Pilot but not Flightaware or others.
So your saying, the 'GPS dot' will show up in other apps, but it will only work in the Garmin specific apps once it's paired up with the Ipad via bluetooth?
It will not work with other non garmin apps; it will not work with ForeFlight. Even with Garmin Pilot, it will not provide ADSB so you're not getting much aviation capability.

Get it if you want satellite texting. Don't get it if you want to put GPS into your non-cellular I pad.

For your I Pad running ForeFlight, you should be able to connect to your ADSB In transponder to get GPS. If your transponder doesn't have ADSB, then you can get a stand alone like a Stratus. You could buy a separate GPS puck for your I pad, but at this point it might be more convenient to sell the I pad you have and buy a used one with cellular/internal GPS on Gazelle.
Thanks for the response. I think what I want to do is too have both GPS capabilities and the SOS/texting capabilities. By the sounds of this, this solution does not exist. This would be perfect, but it does not have the SOS/texting option not to mention ADS-B.

I think I am looking for a solution that will allow me to take the unit and use it for the car/packpack hiking as well as connecting to Foreflight...
Sounds like a budget issue.

Swiss Army knives are often useful but they are also usually not the best option for a given solution. Electronics are even worse.
Not much of a budget issue per se, but how many times have bought something, and it just sits there collecting dust for just one application that I don't use that often. If however, that application could be used for something else it would be much more ideal.
I'm just exploring options, but it seems that 'swiss army knife' in this case is non-existent.