1. wayneda40

    Whale Migration... LightHawk Helping to Reduce Entanglement

    Today on a LightHawk combined IFR/VFR flight, we’ll be conducting an aerial survey of literally thousands of lobster and crab trap lines that endanger the migrating whales. Working with the Ocean Defenders Alliance, we hope to reduce the incidence of whale entanglement. Welcome aboard! Wayne...
  2. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska (Part 9) - Homecoming & Debrief

    From ice to smoke. After a great time in Alaska, now for the 3 remaining legs home. We’re expecting some smoke along the way, but for the first time in 2 weeks, no risk of icing! Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  3. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska (Part 8) - Gustavus AK to Friday Harbor WA

    After our glorious Glacier Bay air tour, today we’ve got 2 legs back to the lower 48… with a big question mark for the 2nd leg… 3+ hours over hostile terrain -or- fuel stop and COVID challenges in Canada. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  4. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska (Part 6) - Kodiak to Haines

    Three legs and 7 flight hours of awesome Alaska flying! First, straightforward IFR into busy Anchorage International. Then the fun starts… canyon flying among the glaciers, more low-over-the-water stuff, an approach to minimums. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  5. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska (Part 4) - Ketchikan to Homer

    Is it scud running when you’re over the ocean? Today we’re out of Ketchikan for the Kenai Peninsula. With freezing levels around 5000’ it’ll be an interesting 7 hours of flying. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  6. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska (Part 3) - CA to Ketchikan

    Today we depart California for Alaska. Smoky skies. A surprise twist from Canadian Customs. Unexpected icing over British Columbia. And gorgeous coastal mountains. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  7. wayneda40

    Flying to Kanab UT for a Greyhound Gathering (Part 2 of 2)

    Nonstop or Fuel Stop? Last week Cindy, our 3 pups, and I had a lovely nonstop flight up to beautiful southwest Utah. For our return flight home to Santa Barbara, the forecast winds just keep strengthening, especially in the western Mojave… 30 knots and more… plus an AIRMET for turbulence...
  8. wayneda40

    Flying to Kanab UT for a Greyhound Gathering (Part 1 of 2)

    Today Cindy and I are off to beautiful southern Utah with our three retired racing greyhounds. We request an IFR-climb-to-VFR-on-top clearance; preview what attracts us to Kanab; enjoy the desolate high plateau of the north rim; and share some things to do in Kanab. Welcome aboard! Wayne...
  9. wayneda40

    PilotsNPaws Modesto to Bakersfield with Copilot Jake (Full ATC)

    Today engineering student and pilot Jake and I are off to Modesto to give lovely Jill, a 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, a ride to her new home in the southern Sierra. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  10. wayneda40

    Flying South-of-the-Border (Part 2 of 2): Busy on the Radio (Full ATC)

    Last week Joe and I flew down to Ensenada as volunteers supporting education at 5 tribal villages. Today we’re returning home to Alta California… with a few additional border crossing logistics. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek
  11. wayneda40

    Flying South-of-the-Border (Part 1): Ensenada for a Cause (Full ATC)

    We’re off to Ensenada as volunteers for the non-profit Comunidad, helping the indigenous tribes of Baja California. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  12. wayneda40

    A Proficiency Outing - 2 Approaches & an Overhead Break (Full ATC)

    Today Levi and I enjoy a little proficiency work… a low approach at Vandenberg Space Force Base, a missed at San Luis Obispo, and an overhead break back at Santa Barbara. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  13. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska 2021 (Part 2) - Weather & Final Prep

    Adapting for weather as appropriate, this week we’re off to Alaska! For the geographies we’ll cross, our weather analysis will prioritize visibility and ceilings, possible icing conditions, and of course summer thunderstorms. First a brief discussion of the weather tools we use… Windy for...
  14. wayneda40

    Flying Alaska 2021 (Part 1) - Planning

    The three amigos -- Bill, Joe, Wayne -- are planning another flying adventure… to Alaska in August 2021. The first video in this series covers various aspects of our planning, including when to go, possible routes, locations to visit, trip calendar, and preparations. Should be great fun…...
  15. wayneda40

    IFR Approaches - "We're just up havin' fun"( Full ATC)

    Today good friend Blake and I shoot a couple approaches through the marine layer. As we approached the first final approach course we were too fast in trail of a Cherokee, so received a vector back around… and then 3 scheduled flights got priority... so back around, and back around again. But...
  16. wayneda40

    ForeFlight & Garmin Pilot: Side-by-Side - Part 3: VFR to Big Bear

    Today Jan and I continue (as friends ) our short series, on another real-life flight, this time VFR to Big Bear. Welcome aboard! If you've used both of these market-leading products, what are your experiences and opinions? Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  17. wayneda40

    Destination Tip: A Long Weekend in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico

    Looking for a weekend adventure? Álamos, south of the border, just might be a great fit. This small foothill village is one of a few dozen Pueblos Mágicos and known throughout Mexico for its authentic charm. And for those departing small GA from the US Southwest, you're landing Álamos after...
  18. wayneda40

    IFR Oakland - “Almost” Like the Pros - Pre-Departure Clearance

    A simple out-and-back to Oakland provides a couple pleasant twists… an Arrival Procedure and the chance to pick up a Pre-Departure Clearance… almost like being a Pro Pilot! Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  19. wayneda40

    Flying the Baja (Part 1 of 2) - Crossing at San Felipe and on to La Paz

    With good friend and Cirrus pilot Jack, we’re off on a 5-day adventure… to the Baja! As background, we overview the planning for the trip, review the weather forecasts, and provide details on the logistics of cross-border GA flying. Our first leg is to San Felipe for clearing customs and...
  20. wayneda40

    Angel Flight - Josué from Santa Maria to Santa Monica (Full ATC)

    Angel Flight, as many pilots know, is a marvelous way to give back to our community and to ease the burden of those in need. Today we’re giving 22 year old Josué a lift from his home in Santa Maria to UCLA for treatment. Welcome aboard! Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot