1. wayneda40

    IFR Long Beach - Can we avoid Icing Up? (Full ATC)

    A short flight to Long Beach this morning, with cloud coverage and winter temps en-route. With the forecast showing a chance of icing, we make certain we have good “outs” and decide to launch... expecting to divert prior to our destination. We’ll see how this plays out. Thanks for flying with...
  2. wayneda40

    Vandenberg, Approaches, and Rock & Roll (Full ATC)

    Today Levi and I fly a long low approach at Vandenberg AFB, shoot an RNAV at San Luis Obispo going missed, and drop into Oceano for a rockin’ breakfast. Thanks for flying with us. Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  3. wayneda40

    IFR Palomar - BUSY Visual Approach (Full ATC)

    Another TEC Route, this time to McClellan-Palomar airport in Carlsbad CA. As we near North County it becomes apparent that the nice weekend weather has brought out a bunch of us pleasure flyers, and our clearance for the visual approach runway 24 only elevates the need to see and avoid. How...
  4. wayneda40

    Hand-Flying the Central Coast - Approaches & Holds (Full ATC)

    I’m getting in some more hand-flying, today along the Central Coast with Levi in his 182. We shoot a Localizer Backcourse, a couple RNAV approaches, one full hold, two holds-in-lieu of procedure turn, and grab a nice lunch in San Luis Obispo. On the way home to Santa Barbara, we again request...
  5. wayneda40

    VFR to Big Bear for a Snowy Lunch (Full ATC)

    On this clear, crisp morning we’re off to Big Bear to enjoy an early snow in the mountains. And wow, does Levi’s C182 love the thick air, on one of those rare days where density altitude equals pressure altitude. Thanks for flying with us. Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  6. wayneda40

    Smoky IFR into Long Beach with Levi - PilotsNPaws (Full ATC)

    The day and evening before, 90 mph Santa Ana winds ignited two infernos east of Los Angeles. And today tiny Lola needs to get to Long Beach for emergency spinal surgery. Despite the bumps and smoke, it was a morning spent flying for a very good cause. Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot
  7. wayneda40

    Caribbean Revisited - Part 5 - IFR into Exuma/Bahamas

    In the final episode of this short series we revisit an RNAV approach into the Exumas/Bahamas, as it actually occurred IRL and recreated on a home simulator. We also give a shoutout to Parr 4 the Course for informing and motivating our adventure. This video captures every button push and knob...
  8. wayneda40

    VFR Catalina via the Coastal Route (Full ATC)

    Today we’re off in Levi’s C182 for lunch in Catalina, with a Bravo clearance for an LAX VFR transition. Navigation for the Coastal Route is straightforward and we can expect some good fun on the landing at Catalina. Pure enjoyment. Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot