1. brcase

    Cherokee PA28-140 Forward CG fix?

    Hello POA experts:) I have had a student approach me that just purchased as PA28-140. actually he was referred to my by another even heavier instructor... With the 2 us together we weigh about 465lbs. With the current weight and balance information we have the only way we can even get it close...
  2. L

    Need some advice, Piper Wing Walk AD

    Hi I am 17 and bought an airplane with some money I saved up, and got a Piper Challenger 180 (PA-28). Bought it back in March after I had a prebuy done on it and said it was free of cracks and corrosion on the wing spar and other places. Couple that with it have a a 0 time engine I bought the...
  3. G

    Question on PA28-180 Start Procedure

    This is probably a basic question but our club just got a PA28-180 added. The manual calls for the start to be on the left magento very specifically. The other planes I have flown have both been 172s (a 1964 172D and a 1976 172M); this Cherokee is 1963 but in my limited experience I have not...
  4. The rogue

    For Sale Partnership PA32

    I'm looking for folks in west Michigan to partner in on a Cherokee Six, Lance, or Saratoga. Ive got a big family, but we won't be flying a ton. The preferred base would be KGRR or KAZO area, including 35D, KBTL, or 61D. I'm a COM ASEL Instrument pilot with a lapsed CFI. Thanks for looking...
  5. The rogue

    Rent 6 Seats SW Michigan

    Anyone know of a rental, 6 place plane in Michigan, near Kalamazoo? I talked to the folks in ARB already, and it seems awesome, but I thought I'd look for something closer to home before I got in over there. I know MKG used to have a Lance, but that's about as far from me as ARB. I'm getting...
  6. J

    First plane

    Hello! I’m looking to get my pilots certificate and would like to buy an airplane now so I have no limitation on scheduling and have a plane to fly around in when I get it. What would make a better first airplane purchase. The two planes I’ve narrowed it down to are a Piper Cherokee 140/160...
  7. Brent Perry

    Cherokee 140 belly strobe replacement bulb?

    Good evening, I noticed my "new to me" 1964 Cherokee 140's belly strobe does not work. I took off the lens and noticed the flash tube's wires were broken and it was just sitting in the lens itself. I am having a heck of time figuring out a good replacement for this flash tube. I have found a...
  8. C

    Tall pilot looking to buy a time building plane

    I just received my commercial certificate and I’m currently looking at planes to buy to build time but the only problem is that I’m 6’6 I did all my training in a 172 and I fit well enough but honestly I’m ready to fly something different but I know there aren’t a lot of options out there for a...
  9. JScarry

    For Sale Piper Cherokee 140

    $37,000 Located at KSBP, San Luis Obispo CA Serial # 28-24642 Engine O-320-E2A Engine installed 3798 Hours 2009-03-03 with Lycon 160 HP STC SE00252SE Hours on June 21, 2021 4922. Hours on Engine, 1124 Compressions #1: 78/80, #2: 78/80, #3: 78/80, #4: 78/80 Equipment Wing Spar AD 2020-24-05...
  10. WGregB

    Piper Warrior II

    Just thought I'd toss out a FYI post. I'm in process of buying a Piper and they completed the eddy current inspection on the wing spar. I wanted to be there to look at the test equipment and talk to the NDI rep. It passed with no issues. So out of 50 planes he has completed this test on they...
  11. R

    For Sale Free Bruce’s cover for a PA32 RT – 300

    Free to a new home, a Bruce’s cover for a PA32RT 300. Worn, but still useful. Aircraft was lost in an accident, but still have the cover. Not going to ship it. You can pick it up around Marietta Georgia, KRYY or KCNI.
  12. tomheinan

    PA-28 rental in Atlantic Canada?

    This is a bit of an odd question and I'm not quite sure where to ask it, but my Google-fu has come up dry, so I'm turning to the collective wisdom of POA for help. I'm a US pilot with an FLVC for C-registered aircraft. I went to university at Acadia in Nova Scotia and a lot of my friends still...
  13. T

    Piper Cherokee gear struts

    Test flew a Cherokee 140 with the 160hp upgrade. 30ish hours on a 2013 OH (yes I know...) Engine ran smooth, started first crank after admittedly sitting for awhile, nice little trip around the pattern and town with the only squwaks being a push to talk that seemed sticky and a oil temperature...
  14. JScarry

    Can you add holes to a seat track?

    My 6' 7" nephew wants to learn to fly and he barely fits in my Cherokee 140. If I could move the seat back two more holes I think it would be perfect. Is it legal to drill two more holes in a seat track? If so would it be a minor alteration?
  15. blurceo

    Kicking tires on a Cherokee 6 260

    My friend asked me to go check out a Cherokee 6 for him tomorrow. I've bought two planes on my own and did some pretty good research on them before I started looking around so I knew what to look for. But since I don't have that time. I was wondering if anyone had any info on what to look for on...
  16. B

    Help buying 172 or Cherokee

    I live in Minneapolis St. Paul MN Area. My mission is to carry me and two people between the cities and Duluth MN. I am looking at Cherokee 160 and 180's and C-172s. I've found two in MN that are really nice. Could anyone give me some advice on what to look for in these airplanes? I have lots of...
  17. K

    For Sale $1,215 - Set of 4 -Like New, PA-32R Lance Sheepskin Seat Covers +Head Covers +ShoulderHarness Covers

    Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin - Extra Dense 1" Thick Wool Like New Genuine Merino Sheepskin seat covers made by AeroSheep, headrest covers, and shoulder harness covers are included. There are 2 Front Seat and 2 Rear Seat sets. Full List price = $1,500 and Discount price = $1,420. This...
  18. ujocka

    Purchase Cessna 150 or Cherokee 140?

    I am looking to purchase my first plane. I currently have CPL/SEL/MEL/IR. My mission is purely the enjoyment of flight, and to build hours in the process in the most economical way. Criteria: -No more than $25k for purchase. -VFR only preferred (simplicity and less to maintain) -Tricycle gear...
  19. Koby Sronce

    PA-28-180D panel overlay upgrade

    I am thinking about re-doing the panel overlay on my 180D Cherokee. My Dad and his brother have a CO2 laser that can cut and laser etch the panel as well as a power coating oven that I will use powder coat the finished product. I am thinking of moving the tach and the hobbs meter to be more...
  20. R

    Talk me in or out of buying a Cherokee 235 (described below)

    I am unable to post a link as a new user, but have been reading posts here recently. It is N1963H (google it and you will see the ad), 1977 Cherokee 235 (Pathfinder), over 10,000 ttaf over 1750 smoh it is in Cali, asking price 55k. I have 2000 hours, instrument rated, asel, amel, have been out...