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Jan 27, 2019
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I live in Minneapolis St. Paul MN Area. My mission is to carry me and two people between the cities and Duluth MN. I am looking at Cherokee 160 and 180's and C-172s. I've found two in MN that are really nice. Could anyone give me some advice on what to look for in these airplanes? I have lots of cessna time and a little cherokee time. I prefer the way the cessna flies but I'm not opposed to a cherokee. I'm going to have the pre buy's done by the FBO I work at as a CFI.

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If you have time in multiple 172s and Cherokee’s, are a CFI, and have an EffBeeOh that will do s pre-buy for you, I believe you’re in as close to a “cant lose” situation as aviation ever allows. Buy the one you like best as long as the pre-buys don’t indicate that it will soon come from together. Happy flying.

*In either airplane I would look for decent hours on as recent of an overhaul as possible (not too few, not too many, say ~450-500) and decent radio(s) and txponder. IFR capable would be a must if I was a CFI.
Thank you. I'm going to look at the cessna today. I know it doesn't have adsb and maybe no mode c. I know the cherokee does. What are your thoughts on the price of the cherokee?
Yep 180hp and thank me later. I have time in both and own a Cherokee 180. My only beef with my Cherokee is it has 1 door and can feel tight with 3 peeps in it. But I've traveled 2 hour legs with 4 people in it so it's possible. But the 180 Cherokee climbs like a homesick angel!

Get the avionics in it you want from the start. 500 to 800 smoh engine, check to see if SB1006 has been completed on any Cherokee. Look to spend about $45kish for a Cherokee 180. Im partial to a cherokee but they are truely good stable planes. Good luck! But again 180hp!! Anything less you will regret.
I only weight 130 and 5'7. I'm not big at all are neither are the people I'm flying. Do you think there's a significant enough different between the 160 cherokee I posted and a 180?
Yes the 180 will climb like no other compared to the160. Trust me go 180.
Yes, fly them and you'll find out.
Another airplane that has crossed my path is a tripacer. Worth considering?