buying a plane

  1. rk

    Non-us citizen buying a plane

    I am a green card holder and considering buying a plane. Does anyone here have experience with the process? FAA says the following in their aircraft registration eligibility: "A non-U.S. citizen corporation organized and doing business under the laws of the U.S. or one of the States as long as...
  2. A

    X-C Plane Selection Advice

    I am moving to the DC area and I am in the market for my first plane so that I can visit family in the midwest more easily, and I am looking for some advice on plane selection based on cost of ownership and performance. Mission My typical mission will be from the DC area (KVKX) to SE Iowa...
  3. ArrowFlyer86

    Looking for buying advice. A need for speed in new plane.

    A little bit of reflection as I embark on the journey of "upgrading". I was happy as a clam when I bought my Arrow a couple years ago right after getting my PPL. It had everything I wanted as a new pilot, 200hp, retractable, CS prop, 4 seater, etc. It was plenty to prove to myself I was no...
  4. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  5. H

    Buy/build a new Experimental or an get an old GA and refurbish it?

    Hi folks. With today's prices for new (and old!) GA planes, looks like the experimental/home built/LSA market is looking attractive. Yes, I know that I'm comparing apples to pineapples, but both will fly you places. I also know that some LSA/ELSA have price tags of 200K-300K and more (brand...
  6. Chapel K.

    Want To Buy Buying a C-150 or the “best airplane one can afford”?

    In the last two weeks, I found myself pulling my hair trying to figure out which plane to buy. Am bringing this dilemma to the forum as I imagine many of you wise people have already gone through these debates. Would greatly appreciate your sharing your thinking process, suggestions and...
  7. J

    Buying a Cessna 150

    I’m interested in a 1963 Cessna 150D to be used as a time builder. This is the first aircraft I’ve ever been serious about purchasing. I don’t have a mechanic or have any idea how to find an A&P in my area. I’ve been talking to the seller, and he’s got an annual scheduled for this week. From...
  8. B

    Help buying 172 or Cherokee

    I live in Minneapolis St. Paul MN Area. My mission is to carry me and two people between the cities and Duluth MN. I am looking at Cherokee 160 and 180's and C-172s. I've found two in MN that are really nice. Could anyone give me some advice on what to look for in these airplanes? I have lots of...
  9. Alex Batista

    Buying an airplane; how much “Total Time” is too much?

    I’ve been looking at some airplanes and there are some that are very attractive, with the avionics that I want, and some of them with really nice paint jobs. The caveat; total time! I find some “ok” ones built in 1977 with a bit less than 4,000 hours. But then I see some beautiful ones built...
  10. Lawson Laslo

    Looking for first plane

    hi, We’re looking for a fun plane to buy to finish up my training and have fun in after -Needs to be under 35K - preferably painted like a military airplane or polished or just a really cool paint job - has ramp appeal - preferably has control stick rather than yoke, or a cool yoke like the...
  11. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs III (+ Turbo or Not...?)

    Hello all! (Here’s my first post, yay!) I’m a relatively new pilot with a bit over 150 hrs and currently starting my instrument rating. My budget will allow me to purchase an airplane by the end of 2020 so I’m starting to look around. Before you recommend other options like Comanche’s...
  12. Dayron Nunez

    Want To Buy 1957 Cessna 172, price?

    Hi folks I'm trying to buy my first aircraft and of course thought of the beloved C172, it will fulfill my mission although there are version that will do it better or worse. I have one aircraft that has been offered to me from someone I know, and I would like to incline towards that one but...
  13. B

    Confused about used aircraft prices

    I'm looking at buying a used family aircraft within the next 2 years. In starting my research I set out my requirements as follows: 1. Carry 4 adults plus weekend baggage 2. Piston powered. 3. Easy maintenance/ good parts availability. (I'm an A&P) 4. IFR grade panel/equipment 5. Max price...
  14. C

    Buying 1st Plane vs. Flying Club?

    I'm looking at regaining proficiency after not flying for a number of years and rental rates in my area (MD / DC / VA) seem quite steep. LSA's are renting for $130/hr. I currently have my PPL but will be flying under Sport Pilot rules due to some prior medical issues that are resolved but may...
  15. B

    to buy or not to buy? that is my question!

    1967 Cessna 150G Ad reads...... Great looking plane. 1440 SMOH 6300TT. Garmin 300XL GPS/Com, Narco RT-553 Nav/Com, KA-24 Audio Panel, Spin-on Oil Filter, New Carb, Tires, Concord Battery & SCAT Tubing. Custom Cruse Prop by Bynum Propellers in Fort Worth. Horner Tips and Strobes. Excellent...
  16. R

    AeroTrader - pros and cons?

    Hey all, First time poster, new member, and I'm looking for help from this incredibly supportive community. Is AeroTrader a good source to buy used aircraft? Has anyone gotten a raw deal (or a great deal) using that site? What's good/bad about buying and selling on there? Any alternatives? I'd...
  17. B

    Aircraft financing

    Folks, I have been researching the best way to finance a nice aircraft. Here is what I have found: Cash is king if you can part with 100-200K plus another 50K for avgas, insurance, hangar and mx Home equity loan is least expensive rates Aircraft lenders want 15-20% down and loan 4-5% rates...