1. Koby Sronce

    PA28-180D Hobbs Meter Not Working

    Hey guys Im kinda new to the GA world and I'm looking for a little advice/help to save some pennies. We recently just purchased a 1969 PA-28-180D Cherokee. It runs great but, like anything this old, it has it's problems. One of the first things I noticed is the hobbs meter not working...
  2. ColdFront

    Piper Cherokee 180 toe brakes addition

    Hi all. I'm very new to aviation and considering buying a Piper Cherokee 180 that has toe brakes only on the left side (just rudder pedals on the right side). Has anyone attempted to install toe brakes where none came with the plane? If so, I am very interested in your experience. Thanks!
  3. V

    PA28 simulator

    Finally getting back to designing the PA28 simulator after moving from NY to Virginia and other life events. I found the geometry a little complex when it comes to the yokes. I do not have an actual cockpit to measure from so have to depend on input from others for dimensions. My goal is to keep...