1. CT-Pilot

    Stratus EDG/3i Cutting Out

    Anyone else in here have the Appareo Stratus ESG/3i combo for ADS-B In/Out and have an issue with the Stratus 3i dropping off? Some flights it's fine the whole time, but at other times the WiFi signal just goes away (and the EFB disconnects losing traffic & weather). It will come back on at...
  2. Rooster T

    Do I need a Sentry/Scout if I have an iPad/Foreflight and the A/C has ADS-B out?

    I've googled but can't find the exact answer to what is I'm sure a simple question for most. I've just started flying again (C172 and PA-28) after a few years. I believe/assume all the rental aircraft have ADS-B out since we have a lot of B/C airspace around here (Seattle) and most of the A/C...
  3. magicj

    Stratus 3 warning

    While the Stratus 3 claims to be compatible with multiple tablet applications other than Foreflight. An important issue Appareo does not make clear is; It can not communicate with other apps AND Foreflight at the same time. So if you are using FlyQ and your co-pilot, or even a passenger in the...
  4. rwy7

    iPad in twin Cessna?

    Starting to fly a Cessna 310. My friend uses an iPad Mini with the a Ram suction mount on the left lower corner of the windshield. Has anyone tried the larger iPad Pro (9.7 or the new 11) in the same location? I'm curious about the panel visibility with the larger iPad off to the left side...
  5. Kumaran Srinivasan

    Straux on Avare

    Hi. I have been using Avare for more than 5 years & it's been very stable. Now im thinking of adding an ADSB in I heard a lot about Stratux If anyone is using Stratux on an Avare, I could clear some doubts. 1.Does this connect only via WiFi or it can connect via Bluetooth too. 2.Does this...
  6. oasisaviation

    For Sale Atlanta Area ADSB Installs

    ADS-B solutions for GA, Rotor and Experimental. KCCO-Newnan Coweta. Stratus ESG with 2i (3i when shipping) for $3045 plus tax. Garmin GTX 345 $4500 plus tax. L3 NGT-9000 $4800 plus tax. 404-309-0877 Oasis Aviation
  7. steviedeviant

    In Flight Weather - What are you using

    I wanted to just get a feel as to what other VFR pilots are using. Other than contacting 122.2 for weather briefing, what are some setups that you have for weather? Are you most of you using Stratus and Foreflight? Also, I was curious about the Garmin portable GPS/Weather systems - Yeah I...
  8. S

    ADS-B out. Transponder and installation for $2,435. Why I pulled the trigger now instead of waiting.

    I have ADS-B in via a Gamin GDL 39 and Area 796. All I needed was ADS-B out to be legal. Appareo makes an all in one box (the Stratus ESG ADS-B Out and WAAS GPS) for only $2,995. Size-wise this is a replacement for most King and Narco transponders. I had a Narco AT-165 that was about 10...
  9. Velocity Avionics

    Velocity Avionics - Modesto, CA (KMOD)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Tripp and I own Velocity Avionics in Modesto California. I've been consumed in the aviation world since I joined the NAVY in 1995, yet I'm just now preparing to get my pilot lic. I'm looking to purchase my first plane soon to use...