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    How to acquire a Medical Certification and Student Pilot's License with a DUI.

    Hello everyone! This post is for a friend whose goal is to be a fixed wing ATP pilot. He has one DUI on his record. It is less than 5 years ago with a BAC of less than 0.15. Does he have to jump through all the hoops? Does he need a psych eval? Does he have to be abstinent from alcohol for 90...
  2. L

    Medical Wait Time!

    Hey all, Hope this finds all of you folks well. Anyhow, I’m sort of curious about the backlog of the FAA. Frankly I’ve heard it all (10 weeks - 200 days) as far as the ranges go for review. But foremost I should provide some detail, I’m following SSRI pathway 1 due to some situational anxiety...
  3. F

    Omission in MedExpress

    A student is up for renewal for a first class medical. Currently working through their commercial license. When they first filled out their first class medical in ‘19 they omitted a DUI in 2015 for driving while under influence of Marijuana. Their only traffic violation and criminal charge...
  4. G

    Will my medical history become an issue?

    I’m researching everything I can about pilot training and school and I’m wondering if some of my medical history will effect where me qualifying for a commercial pilot position one day. Over 2 years ago I had a psychotic break that they thought was schizophrenia then a psychiatrist thought I was...
  5. L

    In the waiting with some questions.

    Alright, first and foremost I’ve already seen my AME, med got deferred to Oklahoma City(Yay). I was deferred due to the use of an SSRI(Zoloft), I was on the medication for roughly ten months before discontinuing on my own accord with my doctors approval. I was on the medication due to some...
  6. T

    Just the umpteenth OSA question.

    Hello! I'm looking for some clarification, from anyone in the know, about the requirements for obtaining an initial SI class I medical with an existing OSA diagnosis. Specifically, how far back does the FAA want to see in terms of CPAP compliance when issuing a medical cert for the first time...
  7. P

    Not sure if I'm screwed

    When I was 19 my license was suspended twice for failure to respond to a speeding ticket in the mail. I was homeless and simply missed it. No drugs or dui involved. Well 10 years later I enrolled in flight training and got my 3rd class. For 18v I cannot recall definitively if I checked yes. I...
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    Healthy Pilot-Deferred Medical

    I made a previous post that some may remember- I am 23 years of age, fit, and healthy according to aviation standards. However, my AME included a medication I was given over 5 years ago (Gabapentin) that could be used to treat Seizures, however in my case it was used for other circumstances. The...
  9. A

    Failure to Provide?- Medical

    Soooo long story short, I got deferred last year on my medical by an AME, probably around September-maybe even August if I remember right.I had visited a HIMS AME prior to that, In October, and gave them access to my airman medical records and such and they basically gave me the rundown of what...
  10. T

    Concerns about my next medical

    I currently hold a 3rd class medical that is still good for the next couple years. Approximately a year and a half and about 2 years ago there were 2 separate incidents where I had a run in with the police. The first I was walking home from a bar and was picked up by the police and given an...
  11. J

    Overtly lying on medical for class 3

    Hello lesson hath been learned. I needed the valuable input from sorcerers of the sky like yourselves. Thanks to all for making me realize that the hard and honest road is the best policy. Be honest with medical even when you have multiple disqualifying conditions.
  12. B

    How long are first time Class III medical approvals taking?

    Does anyone have any insight into how long I can expect to wait for a Class III first time medical certificate. Had ME exam in November. Submitted to FAA through MedXpress Nov 9. (FAA shows received) Showed Transmitted through January. Showing In Review since then. They have asked for no...
  13. C

    FAA MedXPress Approval Delay

    Good afternoon all, My oldest son was accepted to a pilot school, however we are still waiting on the FAA MedXPress approval to come through. We have been waiting since 8-9-22. He has been calling at least twice a week to follow up and is just told they are busy and it is taking longer than...
  14. WingmanMed

    New Member and Medical Reference Source

    Pilots of America, I am new here and am able to help answer questions about FAA medical certification. I'm a military pilot and ATP/CFII that is also a board certified Aerospace Medicine physician and HIMS qualified senior AME.
  15. J

    Guidance Needed.

    I need some guidance on what I can do from here.... I started flight training over 14 years ago and had already passed medical then but due to certain circumstances, I stopped pursuing obtaining my pilots license at that time. Fast forward to now, I am trying to finish up my flight training and...
  16. S

    HIMS AME Neuro-cogscreen & medical help

    Hello all, recently I was deferred for my class 1 medical due to my use of 1 SSRI (Lexapro). *I want to get a class 1 medical first to see if I'm even elegiable to fly for the airlines as a career in the future*. I got the dreaded letter in the mail from the FAA requesting I go to see a HIMS...
  17. JScarry

    Should I be worried about renewing my medical?

    I’m getting blood work done for my Medicare physical and since I’m mostly vegan I asked for a B12 test. The reason given on the order is: R40.3 Persistent vegetative state.
  18. Y

    FAA 1st Class medical Deferral

    Hello all! new to the forum but have been poking around other related posts for awhile now. My situation is this. I was diagnosed with add in middle school,i was struggling in class and my parents thought it would be a good idea to get me drugged up. 1 appointment later I was prescribed adderal...
  19. A

    1st class medical question

    Hey folks! Just discovered this forum and i would really appreciate some insight. When i was 17 i was diagnosed with very mild dyskinesia and took prescription medication (carbamazepine) till i outgrew it at the age of 21. I’m 26 now haven’t had any issues with my health or mentally since then...
  20. G

    Transitioning off a med to clear up my Class III? What to expect?

    Happy New Year all, Been lurking on the PoA forums for a while; made an account to ask this. BLUF: Student Pilot, reported that I took Abilify, no diagnosis, Class III medical got denied, now ready and wanting to transition off the Rx and see about getting an SI and clearing everything up to...