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Pre-takeoff checklist
Jan 25, 2023
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Pilots of America,

I am new here and am able to help answer questions about FAA medical certification. I'm a military pilot and ATP/CFII that is also a board certified Aerospace Medicine physician and HIMS qualified senior AME.
We work remotely and offer consultation. We are not currently performing exams. This way people can still use a convenient AME near them.
Hello @WingmanMed what do you fly

I have a share of a flying club and mostly fly a 182. Most recently in the military I was flying the F-5. we are in the process of purchasing an A-36 for my business partner to use.
Welcome aboard, it's always nice to have another expert here.

It looks like you've spent some time in the Medical Topics forum already, but if you're not aware, Dr Chien @bbchien and Dr Fowler @lbfjrmd are around too.
Welcome! Glad to have another doc on the forum. The medical subforum tends to be quite active with folks facing challenges, so I’m certain any wise advice you offer will be appreciated.

Help yourself to a cup of coffee and a donut and join in!