1. flyingpreacher

    Another “How do I log this time” thread

    So for reference, I’m an instrument rated ASEL pilot with High Performance and complex endorsements. Tonight I had the awesome privilege of my first flight in a Cirrus SR22T. Super cool and I loved every second. I was “along for the ride” with a fellow pilot, but he let me be “sole manipulator...
  2. M

    Logbook - conditions of flight - do I double count

    Hi pilots. If I do an hour of simulated instruments during the day during a cross country flight, in the conditions of flight part of my logbook... Do I log this three times as Day, cross-country, and simulated instruments? Put another way, do the 5 sub-columns in conditions of flight add up to...
  3. flyerfocus

    Next Log Book Recommendations

    It’s served me well for decades but this Sunday, which coincidentally will be the anniversary of the issuance of my PPL, my SP-30 (aka “The Standard”) logbook will have it’s final entry when Doris and I take to the air. After that I’m out of space! Now it’s time for me to get a big boy logbook...
  4. David Wilcox

    Physical Logbook vs. Digital?

    What do you prefer: the standard physical logbook or a digital version? Do you have a recommended digital one? Pros and cons of each? (Just started training, so I'm interested in your thoughts.)
  5. P

    Foreflight Logbook on the Web

    Looks like Foreflight finally added a way to view and edit logbook entries from the web. Looks pretty cool plan.foreflight.com/logbook
  6. PaulR035

    Which engine ADs apply after an overhaul?

    Looking through my logs, and noticed that the last time someone printed out an AD compliance sheet for the engine, the dates on the ADs listed only went back to the date of major overhaul. I just recently had another major overhaul on the engine. When checking AD compliance, do I need to look...
  7. A1Topgun

    Paper Logbook Recommendations

    For the old timers out there who still use a physical logbook. Is there a preferred logbook that is best for a particular pilot. ie. Student, Private, Commercial, CFI, ATP? Some have a column for ”Solo”, “Instruction Given”, blank columns, pages in the back for endorsements. What is important...
  8. Craig R

    Simple and free electronic logbook

    I started flying again after decades, and began using my old logbook, but then I built a simple spreadsheet. I keep it on a cloud drive to make sure I can access it from most anywhere. Does anyone have a simple and free, elegant solution?
  9. JonH

    Time for Digital Logbook

    I was in a voluntary evac zone for fires in Socal. I decided to run a little drill. Pack up stuff in the car and be prepared. The next day things settled down, and I unpacked the car. My flight bag was one of the last things to come back in the house, and I decided to organize it. What do you...
  10. J

    Making hours out of the school(flying club)

    Im a foreigner pilot under an I 20 visa that got his prívate licence (part 141), instrument rating (part 141) -and about to get commercial (part 61). Is it posible for me to make the corresponding hours for timebulding out of the school (at a flying club). What should i do to validate this hours?
  11. D

    Hello! Student Pilot...and a question that has probably been asked before...

    Hi everyone. I am working towards my Private pilots license in the Houston area. I have complete my ground school, I have passed the knowledge test, and I have about 30 flight hours logged. I also completed my first solo about a month ago..(my lessons have been spaced out a bit). Here is my...
  12. denverpilot

    Electronic Logbooks

    Okay, I know this gets beat to death here regularly, but back when this thread came out... http://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/coradine-logten-pro-x-im-sick-of-giving-them-money.75745/ I really did just say "screw it" and go back to paper. Since then there's been a multitude of...